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  1. Thanks but it's for my boss and he wants to find one for less. I actually live a few blocks from B&H and I'm in there regularly
  2. Anyone know of a good deal on a SONY A7iii? Really want the full fran look and shallow DOF. thanks hth
  3. I'm getting a MacBook Pro (desktop is better for editing obv but isn't practical) and I'm wondering what kind of specs I should get. I understand basic hardware stuff but I'm far from an expert From a video editing perspective (DaVinci, AVID, and/or Premier): For GPU, is the upgrade from Radeon Pro 560X to Pro Vega 20 worth $350? Is 2.6GHz to 2.9GHz worth $350? Is 16GB enough RAM or do I need 32 ($400 extra) Thanks in advance. Love to hear from more proficient editors. -HTH
  4. The new model has 4K, a better sensor, and more stops. It also has a better display. Heres a short film I did a few years back with the original. Dont judge too harshly, it was a first try. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr66Qi3hL0I
  5. Its not out yet as of this post. Im curious if anyone has access. Im an ametuer and I loved the old model. The new features look great. Any opinions welcome, whether you use blackmagic or not.
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