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  1. Aaaaaahhhh. Ok. Thank you! And hey, it worked, didn't it?😁
  2. This is all really helpful! Can anyone tell me what the third and fourth digits indicate?
  3. Thanks but it's for my boss and he wants to find one for less. I actually live a few blocks from B&H and I'm in there regularly
  4. Anyone know of a good deal on a SONY A7iii? Really want the full fran look and shallow DOF. thanks hth
  5. I'm getting a MacBook Pro (desktop is better for editing obv but isn't practical) and I'm wondering what kind of specs I should get. I understand basic hardware stuff but I'm far from an expert From a video editing perspective (DaVinci, AVID, and/or Premier): For GPU, is the upgrade from Radeon Pro 560X to Pro Vega 20 worth $350? Is 2.6GHz to 2.9GHz worth $350? Is 16GB enough RAM or do I need 32 ($400 extra) Thanks in advance. Love to hear from more proficient editors. -HTH
  6. The new model has 4K, a better sensor, and more stops. It also has a better display. Heres a short film I did a few years back with the original. Dont judge too harshly, it was a first try. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr66Qi3hL0I
  7. Its not out yet as of this post. Im curious if anyone has access. Im an ametuer and I loved the old model. The new features look great. Any opinions welcome, whether you use blackmagic or not.
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