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  1. Since there is an external screw hole that goes through the S mount casing, I don't see how anything could "slide" up
  2. That screw is out a bit in the photo intentionally. With the screw completely out, the lens SEEMS to focus normally. But I doubt that they would have just put a screw hole there for no reason. When I unscrew the base part, there is a long channel along the aluminum shaft. The screw sets there. Once it's in there, NOTHING but the aperture will turn.
  3. Follow up: In the lens shown in this post, the focus is absolutely frozen with the circled screw installed, but seems fine with it removed. Since I'm not sure how the lens works, I don't know if something is frozen up inside or if the screw is supposed to be removed.
  4. Hi, I have been looking everywhere and have found absolutely NOTHING on how to tear and and repair/lubricate old C and S mount cine lenses by Kodak and Schneider. These lenses aren't worth the cost of sending out, but are too expensive to toss. I'd love to learn how to work on them. If anyone has videos, manuals, advice or links to help, I'd be VERY grateful. John
  5. I just purchased a large lot of cine lenses. Most are pretty straightforward - either old PL or C mounts; but there are a couple of head scratchers. I have a Kinoptic Anamorphic F:2 Focale 75mm lens. The odd thing is that is doesn't have a focusing mechanism. Below the aperture ring is a screw on 1.5" (approximately) barrel followed by another short ring (see attached photos. The threaded section measures slightly under 35mm. Does anyone know what's up with this lens? Is it some sort of universal mount that screws into the focusing helical of one's choice? Thanks! John
  6. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this lens. The closest to it I can find is the P Angenieux 20-80mm f/2.5 Type L5. Is anyone familiar with the L6?
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