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  1. Hey everyone, do you have an idea what kind of rig to use to achieve a rotation like this around a perfectly centered object? https://preview.redd.it/nm1rzb2kctk81.gif?format=mp4&s=741a2a6208a26b94eed9ac5a83a82191f92258ed Thanks a lot
  2. Ok great. Thanks a lot ! The biggest jemball is 30" tho? Do you know what this here is (or is it just 30" ? looks so much bigger 🙂 )
  3. Yes! I read that Villeneuves big ask before making DUNE was to be able to shoot on location. So im very sure, this is location work. Seems to be quite classic day for night work so makes sense with the dune shadows. I honestly thought they got a bit too dark for my taste. But its so subtle so it might have been the projection in my cinema.
  4. Hey everyone, i am really wondering about what is the high end go to solution for a classic lantern setup? Like which manufacturer and fixture? I never really used them but planning to now on my next project. Is there a classic one? what do they use on big movies? Thanks for your help All the Best N
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