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  1. Hi guys! Here is a new video that I did recently. Happy to be able to share it! I would be glad if you watch it and even more glad if you let me know what you think about it! Hope someone will like it and also hope that someone will give me usefull critic. Also did a Behance project of the video. I'll be glad if you take a look at this too!
  2. I'm not really on the level to critique this work! Just wanna say that for me, from a visual stanpoint the result is great!
  3. I thought so too. I've even done 2 version of this video: with and without last shots!
  4. Thank you for the story, sir. Amazing story, really! I didn't know that the song is about the nature boys of L.A. Actually I even didn't know English back in 2017. ๐Ÿ˜… So, I just loved the song and its vibe! Thank you! I'm going to make more films!
  5. Hi! It's my first video that I made back in 2017. I've found it on my PC, lil bit polished it and decided to upload. When I was shoting the video I didn't have any idea for the video. I just wanted to shot cool shots that I would like, practice my skills and just have a good time! After a while, I got a library of shots. I chose those that would look good together) At that time, I don't know any montage rules and the whole process was intuitive experiment with shots. Also, if you found any meaning in this video, I would say there was no deep meaning in the video. It's more about feeling of a summer for me. I used Canon 70D with Canon 50mm f1.8 (such a starter pack!) My behance project for the video
  6. Hi! I'm from Russia and my English is not that great, so if you see any mistakes, just let it go) Lil bit about the work. I really wanted to shoot a music clip, because I love watching them and it's a cool spot to start developoing cinematography skills. We had no budget and because of that I decided to make a street video. So I just rented a GH5s and a 12-60 mm lens for it and that's it. Of course I had an idea! 1) to make the color contract between bright blue and yellow and make these colors the main colors for the work. 2) to shoot the video against the background of post-war Soviet architecture as a way to emphasize the lyrics. (The song is about achievements that are usually based on pain and post-war architecture is a great example of it) Obviously, I was inspired by Dexter Navy's works and it's not a good thing, because my main reference was in the same creative field as I am! Also, I'm a newbie and it's literally my first experience. So I decided to take a piece that I could swallow. It was the reason why I decided to make the video without plot, because it would bring a new level of difficulty for which I was too greeny. I mean for me it's better to take a challenge that it's difficult enough that you would grow and learn, but not that difficult that it would crush you. And you know, I've learned alot! I did mistakes in shooting and editing, that I will never do anymore and I've learned something about my self, so overall It was a great experience! I will glad to hear any feedback from you. What you like or don't. What I could do better or just give me your thoughts about it! Aslo you can check the project for this work on behance))
  7. Hi. Maybe some of your could help me or at least share their own experience with me and all of us. I'm looking for a course on camera art at universities. We have some really cool universities here in my country (Russia / Bear / Vodka), but I've got a bachelar degree in Engineering, so if I want to take one more bachelor cource, I must cover all tuition fee. (it's the law in Russia) As you could guess I can't cover the whole fee and because of that I'm searching for a camera art course in European Universities that are with small price or free. I know that countries like Italy, Norway. France, Germany have that opportiunity and maybe some of you know some camera art cource in European Universities with grands/scholarships for international students or free tuition fee. P.s: I know that if you want to learn something, you can easily do it with the Internet in our modern society , but these courses are more than just information or practice, itโ€™s teamwork / network / collaboration with other students and a great atmosphere, so there is no point to say that I dont need any schools and I can learn it on my own (I'm doing it!), but if you know any cool schools/universities, pleace let me know!!!
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