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  1. Thank you for the response. I figure I would take some pictures (with iphone) to give an exact example of where I get tripped up. In those kind of shade vs sun scenarios are you still underexposing by a stop? This is of course if you are just shooting for a normal look. Example 2.jp2 Example 1.jp2
  2. Thanks all, it seems from a quick look with my meter it would only be a 4 stop difference so underexposing shade by a stop would let my highlights be about 3 over leaving me with enough detail on the neg.
  3. Thanks all for the responses. In a situation to get the correct reading of the shade most block out any sunlight that could be hitting the white dome of the meter, correct?
  4. What do fellow dp's usually do in exposure situations where they are in the shade but have a lot of highlights peppered in from the sun going through trees, leaves, branches, etc. For example walking through a shaded path in a park or the woods. I would assume to meter in the shade as that is the dominate area (blocking any sunlight from light meter dome). From there I'd underexpose the shaded reading a bit to feel shaded but I'm not sure the right amount. A stop under for the shade feels conservative, however it's a situation where the sunny highlights are just that highlights. In instan
  5. Hey all, Planning on shooting some leftover daylight spools I've had of single perf 16mm for some time. In these crazy times want to keep it as simple as possible and looking into renting a SBM S16 conversion Bolex or possible a Rex 4 turret c-mount conversion. My questions 1. These cameras with conversion still have a 130 degree shutter and the reflex veiwfinder still requires a 1/3 of a stop compensation? (With a meter that measures at 180 degrees I'd have to open up about 2/3s of a stop to compensate for both the shutter and viewfinder light loss.) 2. Does the con
  6. Hey all, Where could I download a green screen background/template for use on a labtop that we are shooting for a small project. Idea is we shoot the green and composite the computer image later. Probably more for visual effects board but figure I may get quicker response in lighting. Thank you.
  7. Hello all, Wanting some clarification on the option of scanning super 16mm to 2k log. 1. When scanning to 2k will there be any degradation to the image? Is it being blown up to fit the 2k parameters similar to if we were blowing up to a 35mm print? 2. Also what exactly is happening to the colors and latitude if they are converting it to a log file? Is it basically becoming a Log C image and changing the curves/color of the film stock? Thank you.
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