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  1. Update to anybody that cares: We have not decide on anything yet so I will be doing more research and saving more money, so i can make the right and best choice for me. Your replies and advice is always much appreciated, so thank you again. Peace out.
  2. Hi Im about to get a new camera today as a gift, but dont know what to get exactly yet. Can any give me advice and suggestions for digital cameras around $500 and what I should look for in a camera? Thank you
  3. Hi, I am sorry if this questions is pretty vague. you can answer with any all along the lines of technology, character traits, knowledge of the medium, and anything else anyone finds useful and thinks I should know. Thank you
  4. Thank you for the advice, I feel as if I have the passion to take this all the way, I guess a more specific question would be what should I start shooting with and what should I shoot?
  5. Hi, Im a new member to this site and the world of filmmaking so I would like some experienced individuals teach me what a good first step would be to take
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