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  1. I bought a Nikon R8 Super from Super 8 Arena. I love it but am having focusing issues. The test roll came back so blurry that shapes couldn't be recognized. This baffles me, since I usually use the distance scale. The lab believes it's the diopter, but I usually don't depend on what I see in the viewfinder. Any ideas? I'll shoot another test roll hoping it's only user error.
  2. Jean-Louis, I'm interested. Can you give me a quote and send pictures to edwincito@yahoo.com?
  3. I ended up buying a Bolex reflex and a Scoopic. I love both, but lean toward the former. Then again, I believe in different cameras for different situations. I like the handheld features of the Scoopic (something I like about Super 8 cameras) and its autoexposure; and I like the interchangeability of lenses in the Bolex. I also like that the Bolex makes me be more deliberate. The Scoopic I bought, however, doesn't show the meter needle and I'm forced to use it on autoexposure only. That said, I would have rarely used the manual settings.
  4. I took Will's advice and decided on a Scoopic. I found one within budget that's film tested. I really like the engineering and think it's a good fit, but I will also keep shooting the Bolex, which I like very much. I see myself shooting even more film.
  5. I found out how to do it with this YouTube video:
  6. Thanks all. I think the reflex Bolex is the way to go when the time is right. I considered a Scoopic but am mystified by the battery: I found none on eBay.
  7. That's sound advice, and I needed it. I do like to try different cameras, and maybe reflex is the way to go. But then I would need the lenses, as you pointed out. I do keep in mind that Jonas Mekas did amazing things with his Bolex, and so did Brakhage and Warhol. Probably what would help me, though, would be to find good lenses. My best score so far is a Lytar, which I think is a lovely lens. Maybe I should also consider an Angeniux. Thanks, Dom.
  8. I have a Bolex H16 and considered a Krasnogorsk 3, but that seems a step down, though this one is near mint. I also considered a Filmo DA. What would be a step up? My budget would be $800 or so. I know this has been covered before, so apologies for the redundancy.
  9. Jon, I shot a few 8mm films that were very overexposed. However, I, too, found this worked to my advantage because the images that were correctly exposed drifted in and out dreamily. One of these films was jumpy because of a gate problem, but that, too, worked to my advantage because it made the footage edgy. I edited both movies into a single film that I liked. BTW I would love to see what you shot. Would you email it to edwincito@yahoo.com?
  10. Will, I always have a light meter with me, but I made a rookie mistake: I forgot to factor in the shutter speed. Somehow, I thought that using 500 speed film meant I had a 500 shutter speed, whereas it seems to be more like 60. I have trouble figuring out that blunder, but somehow think it's related to shooting my Rolleicord.
  11. Obviously must be film-tested. Shoot me an email at edwincito@yahoo.com or message me.
  12. Luigi, thanks! I did indeed put it in the wrong position, not fully flush with the opening. It's the first time it happened. Some of the turret holes fall into place more strongly than others. I imagine wear is to blame.
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