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  1. 30 CHF per can plus shipping - see my ad on the marketplace from today for details B
  2. Hi, I'm a filmmaker from Switzerland, I have 7 unopened cans of Kodak Vision 250T and 7 cans of Fuji Reala 500D left over from my grad film project in 2004. Both are 16mm single perf, 122m (400ft). Stored in freezer since. Current condition unknown. Selling for 30 swiss franks per can (=30 USD). Serious buyers only please! Online bank transfer in advance. Minimum order: 3 cans. Shipping to USA costs ca. 40-80 USD, depending on weight. Europe is less. I will be travelling to the UK and US in Feb/March, could possibly bring stock personally (not sure about x-rays?). Best regards Bernie
  3. Hi I have 7 Fuji Reala 500D left from a project in 2004, stored in freezer since. Interested?
  4. Hi I am selling unused 16mm negative film stock from projects in 2004. I have never opened them and always kept them in the freezer, but I haven't tested their current state. - 8 cans of Fuji Reala 500D - 8 cans of Kodak Vision 320T I'm looking to sell them for 40 CHF/USD per can, plus shipping. Location: Switzerland. Cheers Bernie
  5. Hi, I have 8 cans of Fuji Reala 500D from 2004, kept in the freezer all this time. I'd like to sell them at 40 CHF per can (=40 USD). But LA is maybe a bit far :-) Cheers Bernie
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