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  1. Anyone have any info on this lens? any examples of something shot with it? Are there any available for rent in LA or NYC? Thanks!
  2. Yeah thanks for the info Tyler, you are probably not wrong about the 2 perf SL price, we got some money to spend though. It has been really hard even to rent 2 perf cameras in LA recently so we are willing to be patient for the right package, needs to be something modern to be able to sell through to productions
  3. I know how busy Andree is, he has one of my other cameras now.. And thanks, That SL mk2 looks nice! but I think we are going to hold out a little longer looking for something in 2 perf now preferably. So if anyone has a lead on a Penelope or a 2 perf LT or SL mk2 let me know! Thanks!
  4. just wanted to reprise this thread as we are back on the hunt!
  5. I am 90% sure I have that adaptor, I would make that trade. I also have an Aaton to arri b mount I would throw in for free
  6. prices are pretty insane right now unfortunately. There is an sr2 for sale for 23k in the thread below this one... I am currently fully overhauling my LTR at the moment with pl mount and a video tap and all new electronics. could be interested in letting it go for the right price.
  7. Bump Had one lined up but ended up falling through, So here is one more attempt. Any one have an SP-16 for sale? anyone know if there is one available to rent in LA?
  8. I might actually take you up on that, been trying to get ahold of one of these for awhile
  9. Bump, I am still interested in picking one of these up -matt
  10. Hey matt I have a mixed set of mk1 and mk2 if you are interested
  11. Charles are you in Seattle? The camera is currently up there. If you are willing I could bring the camera for you to take a look at
  12. We have a set of of s16 superspeeds mk1 and mk2. 9.5, 12, 16, 25 for sale for 7.5k obo. Let me know if you want some more information. They are in LA
  13. bumping this up since I just put the Eyemo on Ebay. http://ebay.us/O0rerh?cmpnId=5338273189 The Sr3 and zeiss SS are at Alan Gordon for consignment sale
  14. good point, would definitely change things if it ended up being an easy fix
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