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  1. Charles are you in Seattle? The camera is currently up there. If you are willing I could bring the camera for you to take a look at
  2. We have a set of of s16 superspeeds mk1 and mk2. 9.5, 12, 16, 25 for sale for 7.5k obo. Let me know if you want some more information. They are in LA
  3. bumping this up since I just put the Eyemo on Ebay. http://ebay.us/O0rerh?cmpnId=5338273189 The Sr3 and zeiss SS are at Alan Gordon for consignment sale
  4. good point, would definitely change things if it ended up being an easy fix
  5. Tyler, that would be great! I wont be back in town until late may/early june, but would definitely be willing to have you poke around at it.
  6. That was my first thought as well, But I trust Abelcine's inspection they are definitely the Aaton pros
  7. Just ran a test, runs super quiet and the mirror seems to rotate fine, That is about the end of my knowledge when it comes to the inner workings of the camera unfortunately. Abels exact wording was "broken mirror shaft"
  8. https://vimeo.com/165033134/abc3e4f42dhttps://vimeo.com/165033134/abc3e4f42d This was from the last mag I put through it back in 2016 when I realized it had an issue. No idea how it broke to be honest, was quite devastating at the time since I was a young DP and had already sunk all my money into the camera. I will take some photos this evening when I get home
  9. I have an Aaton LTR that is in need of repair. The "mirror shaft" is broken according to Abel cine. Was quoted to be 2000$ to fix back in 2016. Has been sitting on my shelf in my office since then. Just curious if anyone would be interested in taking this project on, would sell for cheap. DM me for more details
  10. Thanks Duncan, Beautiful camera but looking for something and shoot narrative
  11. I am shopping around for a modern 35mm package for an upcoming film(s) does anyone have any leads on any of these cameras? preferably 3 perf Thanks, -Matt
  12. Selling my beautiful SR3 advanced. Recently serviced by Andre Martin. Batteries recelled 2 months ago and purchased a new lentiquip smart charger. Includes: 3 recently serviced mags arri glow heated eye piece IVS 2 recelled batteries lentiquip smart charger Aja video converter Dovetail sliding base plate 15mm rods 19mm rods 2 cases Also selling a set of zeiss s16 super speeds 9.5,12,16,25. The 16mm is a mk2 and the rest are mk1's recently services at duclos lenses. Lastly selling my custom arri/eyemo
  13. Any know where I can pick one of these up? looks like a great little camera given all its limitations
  14. thanks that is helpful! everything i can find about that stock makes me think is is a little too gainy though
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