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  1. thanks that is helpful! everything i can find about that stock makes me think is is a little too gainy though
  2. i was wondering if anyone knows a person or a place that has a hidden stash of the last bach of fuji 16mm stock, specifically 250d, but i would also be interested in whatever else is around
  3. i could be, i am unfamiliar with its performance. whats its age? how much do you want to sell and what price?
  4. hey was wondering if anyone stocked up on some fuji 16mm before they ended production. i am interested in 250d and 500t. thanks!
  5. update, we are willing to do 9250 outside of ebay since they take 10%
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/recently-serviced-and-refurbished-aaton-a-minima-super-16mm-camera/273499293170 HISTORY: - A Minima was purchased from Pro Video & Film Equipment Company INC (Dallas, Texas) on 7.19.17. - The camera was sold to Pro Video & Film Equipment Company INC from a private seller, it has never been owned by a rental company. - Since I purchased the camera just over 1 year ago the camera has seen minimal work. Never used on any commercial jobs. Only a few short personal projects. - The Minima is in excellent working condition and barely has any visual wear and tear. It has just recently been serviced by 2 very reputable LA business's. All digital and mechanical functions of the camera are immaculate. Description: - Aaton A Minima Super 16mm camera (SN:073) - (3) 200 ft Aaton Film Magazines - Aaton Video Assist - (2) Remanufactured 12v Aaton Batteries (New Cells as of 7.15.17) - (2) power cables - Lemo cable - Aaton 12v NiCad and NiMH AC Battery Charger w/ AC Cable - Custom Top Handgrip - A Minima Power Base - Dual Mattebox Rods - Aaton Origin C Time Code Unit - Original Aaton Manual - PL Port Cover - 22 Factory Daylight Spools (most have never been used) *Only 14 pictured - Aaton Hard camera case Recent Maintenance history: ABEL CINE (Los Angeles, CA) (6.28.18) Replaced gaskets on all 3 magazines, video tap and camera serviced. $564.03 AM CAMERA (Valencia, CA) (9.21.18) Repaired misaligned feed sprocket guide. Replaced film gate rail. Adjusted flange depth. Checked ground glass focus. Tested camera operation with film. $277.73 looking for 9750
  7. Those are all good points, and I honestly didn't realize that camera is as capable as it is. Still think I am leaning towards the 416 if we are to go with a 16mm camera, it will be easier to sell to production and it can fit on a gimbal
  8. I own an older Aaton ltr that has treated me pretty well. A buddy and myself have been talking of splitting a more "modern" film camera and try to push it on some of the jobs we are getting, and being able to use some of the features on the newer cameras is a big selling point to productions. Also like the idea of getting some rental on it. And finally it is probably the best designed camera I have ever used, a real pleasure to shoot with. All that being said, you can probably tell we are casting a pretty wide net on what cameras to get. Nothing set in stone, those are just the ones I have enjoyed working with the most and would like to own
  9. the arricam? yeah they are amazing, shot a low budget music video with a 3 perf version and everyone was surprised at how cheap it was
  10. thanks Tyler, i have been to Alan Gordon and checked out both those cameras, thought i would do a little more searching around though. I am having trouble finding that 416 package on ebay you mentioned
  11. A friend and myself have been looking into buying a motion picture camera, specifically an Arricam lt, Arri 416, Aaton a-minima, moviecam 3 perf, aaton penolope. If anyone has any of these for sale or a lead on someone that might be selling one that would be greatly appreciated thanks
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