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  1. So I'm shooting a run n' gun little spot for a chain of gyms. Super guerrilla style with not much crew. Attached some photos of what I'm dealing with. I can turn off the overhead fluorescents if I want to but it might make the gym too dark, which I probably won't be able to get away with for every scene. Wont be able to swap out the fluorescents either. I want to get 2-3 very slight variations in looks. Some of the fixtures I have available: 2 Quasar-fitted Kino Fixtures (6 q tubes each) 8 Quasar T-8 tubes 1 Dracast Fresnel 2000 (2k equivalent) 1 Aputure 300d with fresnel attachment or softbox attachment(close to 2k equivalent) A few smaller LED & tungsten sources Various floppies & diffusions I'm wondering what you guys think I can do to make the most of this shooting scenario. Just trying to maximize perceived production value in an environment that might not be inherently super cinematic. Here are a couple of thoughts I have: -Have a raw, energetic handheld camera, staying around 50mm. Try to have interesting compositions, shooting thru things, having objects pretty dirty in frame -For general shooting around the space, which will be 50% of the shoot, I feel like my go-to will be driving around a Kino or Softbox on a roller with a 1/4 plus green or whatever I need to get close to the color temp of the fluorescent lighting, very dim, just to get some light into the eyes from the far-side and create a little bit of shape on the face. Add 1-2 floppies on the near side as well -For a slightly different look, turning off fluorescent lights and placing subjects by window, and then splashing a background wall with a slash of hard light OR taping a couple quasars to the wall to act as practicals in the background -For another scene, placing a fresnel with Full CTS as a strong backlight, add a bit of haze, 4x4 beadboard from the front, and try to create the look of morning sunlight streaming in thru a window. Shooting very tight shots since there's such limited lighting power *Shooting on a Red Scarlet-W 5k Any other principles you guys think I can apply to make this look as intentional as possible and less like a shitty-looking doc? Any tips are greatly appreciated
  2. Have to shoot a short little scene of a character brushing teeth, washing his face, going thru normal night routine. Suggestions on how to light this so it resembles Fincher's cinematic world a little bit? The greenish yellow tint that alot of his films have? I'm shooting 2.21 aspect ratio but the practicals might end up in a wide shot. From outside the bathroom, I think I might have a tungsten kino from the ceiling that can give a slight dirty orange/yellow glow onto the bathroom door, and then I'd like to make the bathroom interior have more of a greenish tint. I'm sure negative fill might be my best friend in this bathroom. At my disposal, I have a Joker 800,4 ft Kino tubes, 1x1 Westcott Flex light, Quasar T12 tubes, and some smaller LED lights. And flags, a couple different diffusions, etc.. Any suggestions?
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