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  1. Just curious how much consideration you guys put into how these horizontal or vertical lights will look in the eyes when used as a key or fill? Obviously the farther away it is, the less tube-like reflections you get in the eyes, but if you need to get them closer to the talent, do you guys like setting a sort-of rule to always diffuse it with something? I use titan tubes for a quick pop of light on the face sometimes when I'm in a hurry , so sometimes I'll gaff tape off 2' of the tube so it becomes a 2' tube, and this makes the horizontal reflection in the eye a bit less distinct, but it's still there to some extent. Is this shape of reflection in the eyes something ya'll try to avoid, or do you sometimes find it acceptable?
  2. So I'm shooting a run n' gun little spot for a chain of gyms. Super guerrilla style with not much crew. Attached some photos of what I'm dealing with. I can turn off the overhead fluorescents if I want to but it might make the gym too dark, which I probably won't be able to get away with for every scene. Wont be able to swap out the fluorescents either. I want to get 2-3 very slight variations in looks. Some of the fixtures I have available: 2 Quasar-fitted Kino Fixtures (6 q tubes each) 8 Quasar T-8 tubes 1 Dracast Fresnel 2000 (2k equivalent) 1 Aputure 300d with fresnel attachment or softbox attachment(close to 2k equivalent) A few smaller LED & tungsten sources Various floppies & diffusions I'm wondering what you guys think I can do to make the most of this shooting scenario. Just trying to maximize perceived production value in an environment that might not be inherently super cinematic. Here are a couple of thoughts I have: -Have a raw, energetic handheld camera, staying around 50mm. Try to have interesting compositions, shooting thru things, having objects pretty dirty in frame -For general shooting around the space, which will be 50% of the shoot, I feel like my go-to will be driving around a Kino or Softbox on a roller with a 1/4 plus green or whatever I need to get close to the color temp of the fluorescent lighting, very dim, just to get some light into the eyes from the far-side and create a little bit of shape on the face. Add 1-2 floppies on the near side as well -For a slightly different look, turning off fluorescent lights and placing subjects by window, and then splashing a background wall with a slash of hard light OR taping a couple quasars to the wall to act as practicals in the background -For another scene, placing a fresnel with Full CTS as a strong backlight, add a bit of haze, 4x4 beadboard from the front, and try to create the look of morning sunlight streaming in thru a window. Shooting very tight shots since there's such limited lighting power *Shooting on a Red Scarlet-W 5k Any other principles you guys think I can apply to make this look as intentional as possible and less like a shitty-looking doc? Any tips are greatly appreciated
  3. Have to shoot a short little scene of a character brushing teeth, washing his face, going thru normal night routine. Suggestions on how to light this so it resembles Fincher's cinematic world a little bit? The greenish yellow tint that alot of his films have? I'm shooting 2.21 aspect ratio but the practicals might end up in a wide shot. From outside the bathroom, I think I might have a tungsten kino from the ceiling that can give a slight dirty orange/yellow glow onto the bathroom door, and then I'd like to make the bathroom interior have more of a greenish tint. I'm sure negative fill might be my best friend in this bathroom. At my disposal, I have a Joker 800,4 ft Kino tubes, 1x1 Westcott Flex light, Quasar T12 tubes, and some smaller LED lights. And flags, a couple different diffusions, etc.. Any suggestions?
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