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  1. I also found this option https://shop.kinoflo.com/diva-lite/r-kit-dv400-120u.html#product_tabs_review_tabbed and it seems to me that at this price is a good deal? No?
  2. thanks for the detailed answer! What models of HMI would you recommend based on my budget?
  3. In this matter, I am only concerned about the quality of light, color and image that I can get. If there is no difference between the light sources I have indicated, or the difference is minimal, then I think it is better to choose LED? Right? Maybe there is a better solution for the same price instead of Intelytech?
  4. Thanks to you, too. In this case, I will put the question this way, having a budget of 1200 - 1500 usd now, what would you choose: the old used Kinoflo Diva lite (tungsten) or Intellytech specified by me?
  5. Fine! Thank you for answer. I will explain a little bit: I do not go to rent equipment. Investments i mean in the quality of the result at the output. My clients need the final result, which technique I achieve (in terms of lighting) does not matter to them.
  6. hello. I am taking my first steps in purchasing lighting for filming. I would like to assemble a universal kit for commercial: vlog, documentaries (interviews), and experiments in low budget: shorts and some experiments with chromakey. My budget is about 1200-1400 for this moment and I would like to purchase at least two sources of light (kit). Earlier I leaned towards the used Kinos diva lite (not Led). Then I read about Intellytech lamps and am considering buying 2 Light Kit Light Cannon X-100 | Bowens Mount + Bi-Color + Fresneel. + diffuser (for using as “Kinoflo” mode). Please tell me your opinion? Thanks.
  7. Dear friends. Please recommend interesting channels on YouTube with lectures, master classes and lessons on cinematography, editing, color grading, etc. Or what interesting channels are you subscribed to and what lessons are you watching? I am sure that many will be interested.
  8. Hello, friends. Please tell me if the capabilities of BMPC 6K are enough for normal keying and in what format is better to shoot for keying: 4:2:2 using HDMI ande external recorder with BlackMagic RAW?
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