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  1. Selling a brand new un used Tilta Nucleus Z Zoom Control System This Zoom Control System comes with a high torque motor with low noise. Its perfect for operators in need of slow or fast zooms. The handle unit can control calibration, speed, motor torque, and Run/Stop through a various set of connection cables providing both power and communication. The Zoom Control Handle is also compatible with HEDEN and PRESTON motors. Additionally, it is mountable to other fluid-head operating handles such as the O’CONNER head via the 22/18mm cradle head adapter. Features: • Zoom Control Handle • 22/18mm Cradle Head Handle Adapter • Nucleus II Follow Focus Motor • Nucleus II Follow Focus Motor Cable • All-in-One Communication and Power Cable • Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case New for $2300USD, sell for $1300USD PM for details thanks
  2. Selling Movcam MM1 Swing-On 15/19mm 4x5.65 Mattebox, 95% new The Movcam Mattebox MM1 features a 144mm rear opening and is compatible with lenses up to 14mm (35mm academy). It is equipped with a 16:9 carbon fiber housing, a French flag and side wings for light control, one fixed / one rotating 4 x 5.65" filter holder, a 15mm mini swing-away bracket, and a 144:114 rubber bellows that can optionally be stepped down. The swing-away bracket provides industry-standard 15mm rod support. INCLUDED IN BOX 1x Top Flag. 1x Left Side Flag. 1x Right Side Flag. 1x CF Sunshade. 1x 2-Filter Stage. 4x5.65 inch Filter Frames (x2). 1x Bellows Ring 114mm. 1x LWS Swing Away Bracket. 1x 15mm to 19mm support ( add on) 1x 114mm to 95mm Ring adapter ( add on) 1x 114mm to 80mm Ring adapter ( add on) Brand New over USD1250 with add on accessories, Sell USD700 PM for details thanks
  3. I am selling a full set of Movcam MCF-1 19mm Cine Dual Follow Focus 95% new Movcam 302-0205 (3020205) MCF-1 Follow Focus Kit with 2 Handwheels - Compatible with 15mm and 19mm Rig Systems. This is a MCF-1 Follow Focus Kit with 2 handwheels. This system is also compatible with 15mm and 19mm rig systems. INCLUDED IN BOX Hard Carrying Case. 1x-Speed Swing Arm. 1.5x-Speed Swing Arm. 2x-Speed Swing Arm. 0.5 Cine Pitch Gear with 6mm Face. 0.6 Cine Pitch Gear with 6mm Face. 0.8 Cine Pitch Gear with 6mm Face. 0.8 Cine Pitch Gear with 12mm Face. 0.8 Cine Pitch Gear with 25mm Face. 2 x Handwheel. 2 x Marking Disk. Wheel Extension. 15mm LWS Quick Clamp Rod Bridge. 19mm Studio Quick Clamp Rod Bridge. 12 inch Follow Focus Flexible Whip . Mini Focus Lever. Brand New USD2420, Sell USD 1300 PM for details thank you https://vimeo.com/64190398
  4. Brand new Control Steering Stick for Segway X2, can true the Segway X2 to knee control for steadicam/camera usage.$550USD, Shipping from Hong Kong.
  5. Selling Sony FS7 with XDCA Raw module camera comes with Movcam rig, dovetail plate, original handle and accessories, 128GB XQD card, card reader under 1000hours USD7000 Please PM me for details, Thank you
  6. Hello I am selling a set of Ronin 2 pro package which is a backup package so basically it is all brand new will out any issues and sigh of use Asking for $7200 USD PM me for details thankss
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