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  1. Steve, Yea, Im jumping in as a 2nd, but I have worked my way through utility/loader on non-union (mostly commercial or ULB movies) things. I worked with the DP on a few commercials last year. I am a competent 2nd as far as set work goes, but I am unfamiliar with the payroll paperwork. I really just want to come into prep with the proper information and bases covers; like if by chance I do have to track everyones time, what would that look like. It is a tier 1 so theres no telling what will fall on my shoulders...
  2. I was just offered the job, Im supposed to talk with him on Monday, just wanted to know what to expect. I just wanted to get ahead of the I dont knows etc., and be prepared for whatever he has laid out for me.
  3. I have my first union gig, as a 2nd AC; Ive worked union as an electric (so I understand the environment), and non-union as an AC. I just dont know what may be different going to union as an AC Like on the electric side of things, you dont have to keep up with hours etc. (thats the best boys job), you just sign the papers and get paid. But what is the responsibility of the AC in that regard? Do I track my own hours, turn in a timecard everyday or what, and who do I give it to? Im used to saying yes to a flat day rate send an invoice and thats it. Also, am I responsible for anyone elses timecards (or whatever is involved), like the 1st or operators? Is there anything major I should know thats different from non-union camera work?
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