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  1. Thanks for the tip regarding the metadata. I contacted RED at the time and they pointed me to that also. I should have posted that here for others to see. It was indeed the old sensor and no, I didn't get a refund as it would have meant going to court. I did get legal advice but the expense and the time it would have required meant I took the hit unfortunately.
  2. Personally, I am not as big a fan of the French New Wave as many but I think 'Alphaville' is a very beautiful film. I know they used Ilford stills film (pushed a stop?) and remember reading an interview with the cinematographer in which he admitted he didn't think they could shoot in natural light, but that Godard pushed for it and was proven right. Years ago, I wrote to Oswald Morris and asked him several questions about how he had photographed certain scenes. I was so entranced by this scene with the bulb I sent him a clip and asked his opinion. He was not impressed and thought it was just showing off.
  3. And this page would seem to imply that that is only available on the MX. http://vfxcamdb.com/category/camera/red/
  4. It doesn't, I'm afraid. It just says initialising, as below. I've been looking around online for a while trying to find any clues but am finding it difficult to get anything conclusive. The maximum resolution is 4.5kws.
  5. Recently I purchased a RED ONE MX. Or so it would appear. It was certainly listed as that on eBay. I have just tried to adjust the ISO and find the upper limit is 2000, which I would only expect on the original Mysterium sensor. Photo attached. I can't think why another setting would impose this limit. Can anyone help me by either confirming that the 2000 ISO limit means the sensor must be the earlier Mysterium sensor or explain how and why the system would impose this limit? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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