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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful replies. It's a time of day shift, so the color temps and the shadows change, or that was the thought behind it at least. The shadow does make it jumpy and harder to understand that the time on the clock is moving.
  2. Here a film I worked on as DP, would love cinematography feedback. Thanks!
  3. I love the footage out of my UMP 4.6k. I'm using vintage Rokkor glass. The latest update with BRAW is a huge space saver, getting over an hour RAW on a 128G card, instead of 15-20min of Cinema DNG. And the ISO is now goes up to 3200 with the latest firmware update. I bought it when global shutter was in the specs and honestly didn't ever follow up, I haven't had any issues with rolling shutter jello. There is now an OLPF available: http://rawlite.com/olpf-for-blackmagic-ursa-mini-pro-4-6k/
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