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  1. Ah okay, so this would prevent any electrical problems, what about if I wanted to replace the flourewcent tubes in a office-like setting with kinoflo tubes/quasar tubes, would it be able to take those tubes or would it depend on the amount of wattage for those sockets?
  2. One of the well-known gaffers such as Julian White was able to replace regular bulbs in some of the bulb holders or even put them into china balls, are there anything like safety concerns that should be measured before replacing a bulb with tungsten/flourescents/etc.?
  3. Does anyone know where I can get Ribbon Lights that would look clean on picture?
  4. Can you post any reference examples of the look you're trying to achieve? Or the look you already have?
  5. I am not, but that is one of the goals that I want to accomplish. I'm in New York right now. I wish they had something similar to that up here as the Young Workers Committee.
  6. Edit: I read that you were meaning contracts and other paperwork. Also the Young Workers Group, is this a Facebook Forum, or on this site if anything? I'm definitely interested in learning more about the A/C work.
  7. Hello guys, I haven't been on too many AC gigs, but I have read the Black and Blue but seemed to forget the more advanced things to do. Are there things that I can do to set me up for success in this gig that I recently got? Like to become a better AC? The last shoot I did that was about a month long, the 2nd Unit DP explained to me that I wasn't fast enough with the lens swaps and battery swaps, but this is when I was doing both the 2nd A/C and 1st A/C's job. And when I A/C'd that time, it didn't seem the DP was too impressed with my A/C abilities. So I am a bit curious as what I can do to learn more like a 1st A/C's responsibilities as well as a 2nd A/C's responsibilities. Anything would be much appreciated. :)
  8. Hi guys, so I recently went on a hunt to find a way of purchasing the BMUMP, but I read somewhere in the comment section that it doesn't have a global shutter, so I did some more research, come to find out that there was a posting about it producing artifacts. Is it still a decent camera regardless? Tell me your thoughts below.
  9. Which would you guys recommend for softboxes? With and without lighting kit included.
  10. Oh okay, thank you for the info. Ah, okay, thank you for the information David, I understand.
  11. Hello, not sure if it's okay if you want people to view you as a professional cinematographer if it's okay to keep other roles you were as in films such as production assistant, etc. or just keep that on private? What do you guys usually show? Especially on your website? I have mostly cinematography/camera operator/camera assistant stuff and some production assistant roles.
  12. Would dimmers work on practical such as lamps? is that the mini panel shown in the reflection? Just curious to see how it looks.
  13. I need one set in a train station. Would help if the person is alone in that train station. I can't think of any via the train station at the moment.
  14. So this means, Lighting (down), gel saturation goes (up)? Basically? EDIT: also what do you mean bright red gel doesn't make the light red, what does? Is this just for in terms of reading the sheets?
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