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  1. Guys please is there a movie making android app with which I can practice film editing in my leasure time? Please I need recommendation of best one tested and okay
  2. Can you please help with a link to VFX website or download links? Thanks
  3. Thanks @Jon O'Brien that was understandable. I will be directing the musical video this Saturday. I will definitely throw the floor open for owners, cameraman and my DJ mixtapers ideas before the main show.
  4. Good start. But the background humming can be removed and insert soundtrack instead or movie horror sound.
  5. I am currently working on a music video shooting as director. As an actor at the same time, I offered to write a play for the song. However, there is criticism from the music crew on this. So I wish to know, which one is better to write video script for your client or choose to direct the "irrelevant" ideas penned along by musicians which you know won't work?
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