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  1. I was curious as to how much a set of Super Baltars would go for today? I'm thinking of purchasing them in the near future.
  2. I really appreciate all the information you've given me; it is literally been the exact response I've been looking for, for almost a month now, thank you!
  3. Appreciate all of the information, this was the article where DP Linus Sangren talks about the cameras and lenses used: https://www.afcinema.com/Cinematographer-Linus-Sandgren-FSF-discusses-his-work-on-Damien-Chazelle-s-First-Man.html?lang=fr Any great affordable Super16 prime sets you would recommend? I've seen a lot of test footage with most setups using Super Speed primes, but I really haven't seen anything else.
  4. Thank you for your reply! Do you recommend going with maybe an Xtera instead? Are they around the same price range? I know both cameras were used for the beginning half of Damien Chazelle's "First Man," (brilliant film) but would you say they used the Minima as more of a b camera and the Xtera would have been their main camera?
  5. How much would it cost to purchase a good to near mint condition Aaton A-Minima?
  6. So I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to add a video tap to a Bolex, and I recently came across this image showing a Bolex on a Steadicam with a LCD incorporated. I was wondering if anyone could give an explanation or idea as to how they managed to do this. My theory is, they took a small external camera and positioned it in the viewfinder, then outsourced it to the LCD so they could get a pretty accurate idea of exactly what they were filming. I'm not sure if they struggled with any latency problems, but if this was the case that would be pretty clever. Here is the setup:
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