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  1. Do you know if Aaton LTR magazines are comparable with XTRs? 

  2. All really helpful! thanks so much. I heard that the rods are a little word and you would need to mod them some way. so that's really helpful! My bud has a Aaton Xtera and it has a 1.85:1 ground glass and I'm pretty jealous of it. I think that a few repair houses COULD make a ground glass but most ive reached out to are not interested. Yah the extension viewfinder that im looking for would be nice to have the zoom but the biggest thing I want is just to have better optical performance. the basic one is dark and fuzzy compared to the nice short eyepiece. I haven't seen a wooden grip in the last few months but I'll keep my eye out.
  3. I just recently picked up an Aaton XTR prod and I'm looking for some accessories. - Aaton extension zoom eyepiece ( the fancy one) - wooden hand grip - 1.85 ground glass - Aaton 15mm rods I know there is a company that custom makes the hand grips but I wanted to put out feelers on this forum.I know all this is a long shot but who knows right?
  4. Hi there, i just borrowed a friends super 8 camera to see if it was in working condition. After putting in new batteries it seems to work perfect. But once I put in a cartridge the camera can’t seem to get up to the proper frame rates. The white dot on the side to indicate advancement seems spins inconsistently. It will get up to speed for like 2 seconds but then drop down and almost stop. I doubt it can be fixed but I just wanna know a diagnosis. The camera is a canon 518 sv
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