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  1. Hello Martin ! Thanks for your answer, I'll give it a try this way with the crystal synch of the camera. My main problem is I want to shoot documentary, so I can expect segment with more than 1min. But, I can take an other artistic direction to cheat that issue. How would you proceed to fill out the gate ? Many thanks, Jeremy
  2. Hello folks, I just got an email from Pro8mm that they do not offer the 24fps crystal synchro and max 8 film gate modifications. Do any of you know how/where I could get both done at once or separately ? In Europe if possible... Thanks very much Jérémy
  3. Yeah, me too, especially it went succesful before. I was suggested on an FB group and o Photrio as well that the bleach A and B concentrations are too high. Sulfuric acid should be at 1% and lowering Permanganate potassium to 2gr/L (or even less at 1gr/L) instead of 4gr/L for 5min... Dichromate are now forbidden to sell and/or to own du to toxicity in UE. That's why i got into de Potassium Permanganate/Sulfuric Acid bleach.
  4. Hello guys and gals, So, yesterday, while processing some Tri-X Super 8, something nightmareish happened during the second developpement after re-exposure : after 1 min in the 2nd developer (where the emulsion properly reacted and darkened), it slightly started to lift from the plastic and then it litteraly disloved into the developper : no floating gelatin flakes, just a plain black developer... The weird thing is that I already processed Tri-X this way, here is an example : https://vimeo.com/326184819 Here is my protocole, I have included as much info as I can : 1 – Soaking in
  5. Thanks, i guess thoses ones work : http://www.wittnercinetec.com/epages/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film/Products/1132
  6. Hello, I recently bought 8 lomo relodable cartridge from Ukraine, and thoses acts as 64T/40D. One of them as a full film on the exposed side, and i want to process it ! Any advice on how to proceed ? I'll first cut a short strip to test it... Thanks, Jeremy
  7. Hello Werner ! We are not planing on selling it, it's for the lab member use, BUT : sharing is caring and once it is all set correctly we can share result, tips, "blueprint" (it's mostly DIY/hack in my kitchen). Some of the guys are electrotechnic engineer in CERN, so doing some arduino to control the motor is not a problem. I'm still perfecting the processing side and will do a pdf once it's reliable (may take some times) !
  8. Hello folks, I'm new on cinematography.com, i'm getting into super-8 as a member of an analog associative Photo/Cinema called ZebraLab based in Geneva : https://zebralab.info/. I am also a photographer by job. With the guys from the lab, we are/have built two machines to cut reels of Fomapan R100 DS8x30,5M to 4x S8x15M to be loaded in Lomo Reloadable Cartridge. That make it really affordable as we buy from Foma factory shop, we are around 7€ for the film and around 3€/film for processing (detail below). According to Super8Wiki, Lomo Reloadable Cartridge acts as 64T/40D -> http://su
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