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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for either ARRI SR 1 or SR 2 for sale. I would be willing to pay more for the SR 2, if anybody has any leads or anything upcoming in the future let me know! Thanks Georgia
  2. Hey, I know it's a while later but I am having the same problem with the same camera. Did you find a solution or what the problem was? I am also seeing the red light in the viewfinder and it runs for 1 second then stops when the switch is at start, everything else worked fine including the test button and battery is fully charged. Let me know ! would be super helpful Thanks!
  3. Hey, I’m using an Arriflex 16SR with an external 12v battery. The camera is working fine, pressed the test button and everything seems to be working as it should BUT when I put the switch down to start filming it runs for 1 second and then stops. The film is running through fine, and just the motor stops. The battery has been charged for a long period of time (over 7hours) so I don’t think it is this. What could be the potential problems? please help! Thanks!
  4. Hey Tyler, I know this is a long time later but I am having this exact problem, the motor is working during test, but when switched to run it runs for a second then stops. There is also a red light in my viewfinder. Did you discover what the problem was in the end? Would be super helpful, nothing seems to be the answer so far Thanks Georgia
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