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  1. Ok, thank you for the explanation. I've tried the lenses and the result is that the Meteor 5-1 isn't in focus while set to infinity and also the Helios 44-2 has this issue.. Only the Pentacon 135mm f2.8 performed well. I had completely open aperture while testing the focus. I also did fine tune the viewfinder's diopter to the point where I see sharp edge of a building, street lamp and some other objects. I wanted to ask you if you'd know how come that only the 2 lenses are not able to focus to infinity and the 3rd is? They all have m42 mount. I understand that if the FFD isn't calibrated that it might cause this issue of not being either in focus on the close end or inifnity as you explained to me. But why would that happen with 2 of the 3 lenses I have o.o I am not sure if I'll be able to find anyone here in Czech rep. who'd be able to service the camera but I got a contact from the previous owner on some guy which I'll call and we'll see. Anyways thanks for your time and help, I appreciate that. Regards, Vojtech
  2. Hello Ruben, Thank you for your reply! I am aware of the term parfocal lens but as you mentioned the Meteor 5-1 is a parfocal lens therefore I assumed that's not the problem. Unless it got hit in the past and the elements are damaged now. Ok, I will do that even though I was setting this up before shooting those reels. I also sent the video I posted here to the previous owner of this k3 and he told me that it might be an infinite focus problem on the meteor 5-1 lens.. I also have 2 prime lenses a Pentacon 135mm ; f2.8 and a helios 44-2 which I used for like 2-3 shots on that reel too but didn't notice the infinite focus issue (if this is the case) because I wasn't concetrating on it. Is it possible to test the infinite focus just through the viewfinder or do I have to shoot an actual reel and wait for it to get it developed and scanned? Regards, Vojtech
  3. Hello, I would like to ask for help / advise on the similar issue as the OP of this thread was dealing with. I bought myself a modified super 16 K3 which is my first film camera and I shot 2 reels with it so far. I didn't notice that at first as I was amused by how nicely the scanned images looked on the monitor. After some time when I was revisiting the footage I realised that while zooming out from an object that was in focus, once it got completely zoomed out, the whole picture got out of focus. Could this be caused as I read it here by the conversion to S16? Or maybe some kind of a problem with the meteor 5-1? Here's the selection of those clips with the zoom out to blur issue: https://youtu.be/6t9BRVD3e2k I will be very grateful for any useful advice! I hope it's just some newbie problem that I might not see yet. Thank you, Vojtech
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