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  1. Prices down. $750 for the camera package only. $1250 for the Odyssey package.
  2. Bump. Will sell any individual components. Total price down to 2,300.
  3. Price down to $2,495. Free shipping/insurance.
  4. Bump. Price down to $2,495. Free shipping/insurance.
  5. Bump. Price down to $2,750. Willing to sell any parts by themselves, feel free to make offers.
  6. I'm still waiting on verification from eBay so I'm posting anywhere else I can. Do you need a kit that's ready to record RAW 4k? Maybe you just want a 2nd hand camera without all the hassle of needing extra pieces. Besides lenses, this package is everything you need to record and capture great looking footage. She might be old, but she gets the job done. My current offer is $3000, OBO. Free shipping inside contiguous US. PM about local pickup discount. https://imgur.com/a/Tw3r7JA Here's what you get: FS700 with 4k RAW upgrade (670 hours) AC power Adapter 2x Sony Batteries Rhode Boom Mic EVF Extender Remote Control Side-Grip Metabones (Fit Canon-EF lenses to Sony-E Camera) which acts as a speed booster Hotshoe arm Odyssey 7Q+ with FS700 4k RAW Upgrade 1TB Samsung Pro 860 SSD SDI Cable AC Power Adapter Fitted Pelican Case Custom-Made all-metal mount for Hotshoe Everything has been tested and is working perfectly as it should. The footage from the Odyssey looks amazing. Recording externally to the Odyssey will give a maximum of 4096x2160 resolution up to 60p. I can show some sample footage from a recent documentary we just finished shooting upon request. We take PayPal, business only. PM for payment info.
  7. I never had a chance to finish it and get it to where I wanted it. Life happened and I slowly stopped working on it. I finally finished the color correction and after uploading it I forgot about it.
  8. If you you're filming flowing water, it's not going to look good. Many other examples like this. Increased storage. You should never "permanently" use one setting.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/293086201571 It comes with Pelican Case, Articulating arm, Battery, adapter, and even a 256GB SSD! I have tested everything before posting the auction and everything works flawlessly. Minor cosmetic wear on the magnetic screen hood, but it still works perfectly.
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