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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for testers for a new FlickerFinder App which helps crews spot flicker on set. https://flickerfinder.com Anyone who signs up for early access will get an extra free copy at launch to share. An in-camera test to find flicker isn't ideal since it happens late; if there's a problem it means that the production is delayed. Viewfinders can also mask flicker, especially at high frame rates. Sometimes props can also get mixed up and reintroduce flashlights which have bad PWM flicker. Since the problem is spread between Lighting, Camera, & Art, it's a real PITA, which is why I made the app. Let me know your thoughts: https://flickerfinder.com
  2. Great idea. I can imagine turning this "ad-hoc" trick into a standalone app which can visually detect flicker similar to an in-camera test. Coupled it with @aapo lettinen's waveform-view suggestion and @Robin R Probyn's FLICKERfree calculator, would it be worth a digital download on the app/android store for what, $100? I've pitched this to my programmer friend and he's started work on it on his downtime. Anyone interested to keep in touch about this? Hi Yann, which of these do you prefer and which features do you mainly use? I'm interested in picking one up, which do you suggest? I've rented expensive Phantoms before, only to discover nearly every single light on set flickers when shooting at higher than 120fps, delaying the production. It's not always available for a test shot when it's actually convenient to check. But nothing can substitute an in camera test, yeah... unless you playback in real time which might sync with the problematic light 🙂 Thoughts about creating an app?
  3. Does anyone find light flickering tedious to fix on set? It's often checked using an in-camera test during a shoot which can slow down production. Is there any reliable & convenient way to detect light flickering given a target fps & shutter during prep instead? I've heard bad stories about the in-camera test failing/forgotten which caused re-shoots. Have you thought about the problem? What's your solution? Thanks
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