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  1. Been my backup arm for years. Hardly used. Great arm for someone getting into Steadicam and/or looking for a backup. Local to Los Angeles. Includes speed crank, two posts and a bag shown in the photos. Asking $5,200.00 USD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jW_3kVyPDwi0GZFWBG33WN4PLOnqekAa
  2. Long story but I just heard about this song tonight. When looking for the song, I stumbled across the video. I am rather impressed with how Guy Ritchie shot this. I also see it caused quite an uproar in its heyday. My question: Does any of you cats know the cinematographer? Anyone here work on this? I know it was shot in parts of LA.
  3. Ladies/gents, I just built an editing computer for 4K editing. These monitors were used on the rig I am replacing. Excellent condition. No damage. No screen burn-in. No stuck pixels. Paperwork, OEM power adapters included for the monitors. Local pickup in the Los Angeles Area. Ping me for any questions. $100.00 USD per monitor. I will sell all three for a discount if interested. Link below should go to a folder with more images. https://goo.gl/photos/AdrAQkMZBTjYqux38
  4. Mercy! What an amazing flick! Just saw it at TCL Chinese theater in IMAX 3D tonight. Brilliant. NOt cheesy 3D--tastefully done and in the right spots. I'm scouring the internet looking for BTS footage on this super secret way of shooting it. Sandra was adorable.. kinda like how she was in Demolition Man... :D definitely worth $40.00...
  5. Frys Used DHL for delivery and each time i had a delivery from DHL it was always right on time. the LOCAL hub's customer service was a JOKE! a BIG JOKE! i had an issue once thru them and it was brutal.. but the shipping was always on time and early in the morning...
  6. thanks all for the replies. i know full well the older posts are relevant; i was not trying to imply that were not. there have been a few models come out on the scene and i wanted to see if anyone had any opinions. again in regards to sekonic, thats all i have known so thats why i thought it was a staple in the industry. i am not a DP nor do i play one on TV, so i dont really keep up with light meters. i really appreciate the posts and for you guys taking time to add your seasoned opinions. the spectra looks very nice and am really considering going that route. again thanks
  7. yeah i know this topic should have been posted to death but my search for "best light meter" and "light meter" came up with posts thaat were over a year old. of course i could have missed something newer but that was my results. im shocked you guys have not mentioned the sekonics. i was kind of raised on that brand over the years and figured that was THE meter. well chris comes up and throws me a curve ball and mentions the spectra. i did a google and i am impressed with its specs. again thank you...
  8. i have no experience with or have ever heard of that brand, hence my ignorance. but thank you for our response. it helps!
  9. thank you for your response. is there a particular model your fond of that you would recommend?
  10. All, i am in the market for a NEW light meter. I dont have one but im finding myself wanting one of my own. there are many out there. i shoot film including 8mm, and also HD video and SD video. so i need a one stop shop for all. sekonic has a couple of new meters but i would rather have some seasoned opinions from the esteemed here. thanks in advance....
  11. hey matt, KRS is a great guy. its also good to see Marly Marl is still in the game... who was the Steadicam operator?
  12. absolutely! here is the redrock forum: http://www.redrockmicro.com/forum/index.ph...c5ff3f282eaf505 the follow focus forum: http://www.redrockmicro.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=15 they have some nice gear for the dvx. check em out... all info you need is there...
  13. the micro35 camp has a focus kit for the dvx. have you thought about that?
  14. hey its cool to see folks with low/no budgets to post up here. it really puts things in perspective. i totally enjoyed your post and the time you took to detail things.. too bad your not in the states.. i would have done Steadicam for ya.. :-) glad all went well despite the shortcomings and hey.. if the client liked it,, thats all that mattes isnt it? who cares how you get the shot as long as you get it! :-)
  15. I know some of you here know this Cinematograpaher and have spoke of him im posts. I did not know if this community heard of this tragic accident but i just wanted to make sure yo uguys know. a sad day in this business indeed. Mr. Roland Schlotzhauer..... http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/3259386.html =================================================== WALFORD - Authorities have released the names of the people involved in the deadly helicopter crash in Benton County. We now know that one of the men injured is Tony Wilson, 49, of Dallas Center, Iowa. Wilson is one of the produ
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