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  1. Thanks Phil! If capturing to an external recorder with the Varicam H, is it possible to get genuine 10 bit? That would theoretically also improve the latitude right? I'm seeing some going on eBay for over 2k which seems a little steep, no? (low hours though)
  2. Hey Phil (or whoever is still on this thread), Still looking into all this stuff. Was wondering how many stops of DR I could get out of a AJ-HDC27H (the upgraded model) and how the color/skin tones are on that camera (seems a lot of people love it). Thanks
  3. Wow, that looks stellar. Yeah, I've been coveting the Digital Bolex pretty much since it was released— that camera produces some gorgeous images (and no rolling shutter!) Unfortunately, it seems like both the DB and the Ikonoskop are going for around 5k-7k these days, which is considerably out of my budget. One day! Did you ever shoot on the F900R? Its going for around $1000, and I really dig the 2/3 look– it seems to get pretty good latitude as well ( better than the HVX, at least) I remember Jonathan Demme shot on it for Rachel Getting Married and I really enjoyed that gritty, verite look.
  4. Thanks so much for the detailed reply Phil. Don't know why I skipped the HVX200-- seemed to read somewhere it was less reliable than the DVX but now doing research it seems it's actually just as excellent. Will definitely take a look. My main goal is to try and get a 16mm look, which I've been able to somewhat approximate with the DVX (with the exception of those dreaded jaggies and, of course, the limited latitude)-- I'm worried that the HVX would be too sharp? Or is it just a matter of, as you say, cranking the grain? And would it be best to up the gain in camera or to use something in post for the grain, like FilmConvert?
  5. I'm going to be shooting a documentary soon and want to shoot it on tape-- I've always loved the look and, especially now where everything looks so homogenously Alexa'd, think it's a great way to give the film a distinctive feel. I'm wondering though: should I go with the DVX or the SDX? I like the portability of the DVX (I bought one a few months ago and it's a blast to shoot with) but I suppose my main question is whether the lower compression rate on the SDX would eliminate jaggies/aliasing (the only thing I dislike about DVX footage). Or is that just a problem with SD footage in general? Thinking I would have to upscale the footage to HD, as well, for either right? Thanks, Luka
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