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  1. Sorry I had not been active here, sold the camera a few weeks ago, thanks everybody!
  2. Can't upload more pictures, site isn't functioning fully, sorry. Please get in touch for more pictures and info
  3. Some more pictures. The page only allows 290KB per Upload...
  4. The set is in used condition (obviously) and I need to state that it needs servicing: One magazine is fully intact, the other needs a new rubber band and be checked. The batteries need new cells. The release button on the wood handle is loose and needs fixing. The lens shows some use but aside from one dust piece that doesn't show on the footage, it is use marks on the outside. Here are some pictures
  5. Just came across this forum, I do have an LTR that I am thinking about selling, with a Zeiss 10-100 T2.8 lens. If there is interest by someone please get in touch soon. Cheers
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