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  1. It's good that Super 8mm is the chosen format for the test, because grain is much more pronounced in S8 vs 35mm. Interesting note: the European base color grade is cooler and pastel, the American color grade saturated the reds more.
  2. Thanks, Aapo. There was a post house in town called VTA. They had a Millennium that performed VistaVision transfers on a regular basis. Their gear was purchased by Crawford Communications, so it is possible the Millennium may still be operational. Sidebar: I wonder how much difference the grain compares between CRT and CMOS in regards to scanned blue/green screen 35mm footage. Hmmm.... More testing is required.
  3. A test is the only way to know for sure. Send a roll of film to REELONE(In Finland) and CINEPOST(here in Atlanta), let your own eyes be the judge. I will call John at CINEPOST, tomorrow and discuss the upgrades.
  4. John Kuhn(mentioned in the YouTube description), is the same telecine operator that transferred lots of 35mm footage for me on that same Rank machine before the 4K upgrade. He is also the 70mm projectionist that works at 70mm special engagements in Atlanta. Great guy. CINEPOST is the name of the post house. Send him an email and discuss what look you are after.
  5. That will require some research. Visit the website of the telecine post houses in your area. Some may still have a RANK telecine or any type that still uses the CRT technology. Dig into the archives on this site and read the discussions on the differences in telecine machines. I know for sure the SPIRIT Datacine and Spirit 2K machines will NOT be the type that you are looking for. Something is lost with the upgrade to the 2K and 4K machines. There is a post house that is still using a RANK telecine for transfers, I'm not sure which one does.
  6. Call the local Kodak rep in Paris. They can send you film via courier. One of the local labs will probably have some film. They might offer you a good deal on processing, as well.
  7. Here is a list a theaters screening 70mm prints of Christopher Nolan's TENET. 5perf 70mm Plaza – Atlanta GA Music Box – Chicago IL Willow Creek – Plymouth MN Gateway Center – Columbus OH Highland – Austin TX 70mm (IMAX format) Wild River IMAX – Indianapolis IN Autonation IMAX – Fort Lauderdale FL
  8. It is the best comparison to natural light(sun and firelight) with red bias. Have a look at the movie BACKDRAFT(1991), it was shot on daylight balanced filmstock using mostly tungsten sources for the fire scenes. The depth of color is gorgeous. Tungsten bulbs and Chinese lanterns are a match made in heaven.
  9. I am selling the book: Optics and Focus for Camera Assistants:Art, Science and Zen by Fritz Hershey If you want to expand your understanding of the mechanics and physics behind focus pulling, this book is the one. I have owned this book for 14 years. It is in very Good condition. The price is $155.00 USD with FREE SHIPPING inside the contiguous United States. CashApp and PAYPAL accepted. OPTICS AND FOCUS book.jfif
  10. Jeremy, You can get that 90's look with the right ingredients. Filmstock: Shoot on Kodak 500T 5219, underexpose by 1/3 stop, push 1 stop in processing. Lenses: Use Zeiss Superspeeds(any series is fine) or LOMO primes (use the 77-89 lenses) Lighting: Employ purposeful separation with sidelight, edge light and kickers. DO NOT USE LED's. The TEXTURE of the light is VERY important in re-creating the 90's. Utilize Tungsten fixtures, T12 KINOFLO's and Chinese lanterns with incandescent or quartz(500 or 1000 watt bulbs) and HMI's. Make some covered wagons using ceramic light sockets that burn incandescent bulbs. Employ a bit of overhead lighting when possible. Atmosphere: Rent a HAZER not a fog machine. Use it in the background. Test it to see if you like the look. POST: Find a post house that has a CRT Telecine and make a transfer. Ohhh.. those CRT transfers really have a nice quality to the colors. It will take you even closer to the 90's look. KNOWLEDGE: Read key 90's issues of AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER(ie; The issue about how Khondji shot SE7EN, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN issue, the FIGHT CLUB issue, the GLADIATOR issue, The MAY 1993 issue, The 1996 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE issue. YOU CAN GET THAT 90's LOOK WITH TODAY'S GEAR. Arm you self with knowledge and experiment.
  11. One roll of 400ft 35mm Film SEALED FUJIFILM FUJI 8547 500T VIVID ETERNA 35mm Stored in refrigeration since its last production in 2013. $225 USD Free Shipping inside the contiguous United States CashApp , PAYPAL accepted
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