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  1. KONVAS 2M 35mm camera. $800 15EPSS motor and motor controller. No magazines included. No lenses included. This camera needs to be serviced before shooting any new footage. The movement works, but will need CLA done by a professional camera technician. PAYPAL accepted. Free shipping with the contiguous United States. Buyer pays shipping elsewhere.
  2. I noticed the ASC mag tech credits mentioned use of the Kodak Super 8 camera. I wonder if that is the same one that was making the tradeshow rounds back in 2016.
  3. This show is a visual feast. They are using an Ektachrome LUT for the color negative footage, it looks great. Some scene really look like 16mm Fuji Vivid Eterna. It kinda feels like Tony Scott and John Carpenter playing table tennis with the visuals and camera movement. So good! The small details of the set design are spot on very early 80's. Not only that but the racial/social/economic dynamics play really well together. This show really has fun with the audience, it's so much fun. This show deserves a few Emmys. I am interested to see how this show affects the visual language of other upcoming shows, "Can you make this look like WINNING TIME?"
  4. Good work, Lance. Keep on raging against the machine. There's plenty of people shooting on film, these days. Check out this Vimeo channel dedicated to projects shot on film. You will be inspired. There's some good stuff in there. https://vimeo.com/channels/149193
  5. If this is a small shoot, buy a rice cooker. Bring 4 gallons of water and the rice cooker into the room. Close all of the doors and windows. Boil the water for 5 minutes. Turn of the rice cooker and open thr lid near the windows. Repeat this until the windows have condensation on them. There ya go. Have fun. 👍💪😎
  6. Adobe After Effects is the cheapest and best quality upscale for the money. The mathematic scaling algorithm that is uses is one of the best around, yet that part is not advertised. One option that you should consider is transferring the video footage to 16mm film negative, scan that back at 4K. There are 2 labs that offer this service at an affordable price. VIDEO FILM SOLUTIONS in Mayland http://www.movielab.com/film CPC LONDON https://www.cpclondon.com
  7. Nicholas, Have a look at this thread in the film stock section : Tungsten, HMI and fluorescent fixtures. Older lenses. Light for separation from the background. Locate a post house that has an older telecine that you can then uprez to another format for distribution after the edit..
  8. Merry Christmas, Piotr! Have a great holiday and a prosperous and cinematic New Year.
  9. Alastor, Good interview. I really like your remark at 51:40, "Sometimes, manipulating a shot can make it worse..". Hearing about the use of discernment during color grading is refreshing. Thanks for sharing your insights and for offering a valuable tool that helps broad our visual language.
  10. It's good that Super 8mm is the chosen format for the test, because grain is much more pronounced in S8 vs 35mm. Interesting note: the European base color grade is cooler and pastel, the American color grade saturated the reds more.
  11. Thanks, Aapo. There was a post house in town called VTA. They had a Millennium that performed VistaVision transfers on a regular basis. Their gear was purchased by Crawford Communications, so it is possible the Millennium may still be operational. Sidebar: I wonder how much difference the grain compares between CRT and CMOS in regards to scanned blue/green screen 35mm footage. Hmmm.... More testing is required.
  12. A test is the only way to know for sure. Send a roll of film to REELONE(In Finland) and CINEPOST(here in Atlanta), let your own eyes be the judge. I will call John at CINEPOST, tomorrow and discuss the upgrades.
  13. John Kuhn(mentioned in the YouTube description), is the same telecine operator that transferred lots of 35mm footage for me on that same Rank machine before the 4K upgrade. He is also the 70mm projectionist that works at 70mm special engagements in Atlanta. Great guy. CINEPOST is the name of the post house. Send him an email and discuss what look you are after.
  14. That will require some research. Visit the website of the telecine post houses in your area. Some may still have a RANK telecine or any type that still uses the CRT technology. Dig into the archives on this site and read the discussions on the differences in telecine machines. I know for sure the SPIRIT Datacine and Spirit 2K machines will NOT be the type that you are looking for. Something is lost with the upgrade to the 2K and 4K machines. There is a post house that is still using a RANK telecine for transfers, I'm not sure which one does.
  15. Call the local Kodak rep in Paris. They can send you film via courier. One of the local labs will probably have some film. They might offer you a good deal on processing, as well.
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