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  1. They might as well have used a lens with a lot of spherical aberration. Like the Rodenstock Imagon or the Meyer Görlitz Trioplan.
  2. I think it will be a big difference between something put directly on the front lens or on a filter or maybe even on the rear element or in between lenses. The footage from the film suggests something behind the rear element of the lens.
  3. You can get a special soft focus lens from Mamiya for the 645. I once tested it and it does some serious softening. Maybe if you combine that with a net filter from Cokin?
  4. The early pictures of Hamilton where shot on a MC Rokkor 58mm 1:1.4 I believe. The MD 50mm 1:1.7 came with the X-700 in later years. Some of the early lenses where also treated with Thorium, making a slight yellow taint over the time. I think the coating of modern lenses is not helping with this style of photography. To sharp, too clear. You'll need a soft lens, with less groups of glass. Sometimes the imperfect is the better option.
  5. I think this guy knows exactly how it works: http://www.maxstolzenberg.com It seems as if he was a close friend or college of David Hamilton. At least the pictures look exactly the same. Did anyone of you ever hear of this photographer? I am curious to find out more about him. Where does he live? His photos look quite pleasing.
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