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  1. & Webster- I would love to have Bruce Bickford's old animation stand, but the physical reality of the Oxberry Master series is daunting, and so incredibly obsolete. I think I saw somewhere that he had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get that one into his space...
  2. Tim- you're right. I got a gig shooting subtitles on the old Oxberry motion control rig at The Frame Shop right out of college- at least 10 years ago now. At that point it had downsized to just a small room at the back of some office building in Watertown. I forget the owner's name, but he told me that he used that camera to shoot the still moves in Ken Burns documentaries. Maybe it wasn't feasible to shoot all of the moves that way, but he did make it sound like he'd done a lot of them. I've worked on dozens of documentaries since then doing the "ken burns effect" and today it's all done in After Effects, pretty much across the board. There are two ways of doing it in AE- you can adjust the "scale" and "position" of an image, or you can set up a virtual camera and plot moves out that way. It does make a difference- the virtual camera will allow you to shape your moves in a way that is closer to how an optical camera would do it.
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