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  1. Thanks man. Appreciate that. The director had a very strong vision, I just had to do what he had in his head. Really enjoyed this project. Hey thanks for the compliment! Not really a fan of nudity for the sake of nudity but thanks for the advice!
  2. Thanks guys! Appreciate it. Any feedback? First bigger project like this for me.
  3. This rather abstract short is really dirty, actors were young and supposed to have blemished skin, light is harsh on purpose. We had two 4x4 Kinos, Aputure 120D, Ice light, two 2x2 light mats. One AC, one gaffer. Shot on BMPCC4K with Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 (great vintage zoom) for handheld/more gritty stuff and Sigma 18-35/50-100 for the more colorful studio (the director wanted two different worlds). Budget was 1K€. 75% went to camera and lighting rental, 25% food. Link:
  4. That's great advice. Can't be bad to have a wide skillset. Also yes, I have already met some camera-focused DPs that asked me to light for them. I will stay on that! Haha yes thanks for grounding me. I was at the open door event in Babelsberg last year and was really discouraged after speaking to two camera professors. They basically told be that most of these cinematographers end up doing something else than cinematography... And yes, I have already made contact with some local gaffers and will try to meet all of them.
  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's just that I am lacking so so many skills, I do not feel comfortable selling myself as a cinematographer... yet. I feel like I need to watch some really skilled people work, be part of that team and learn.
  6. Dear Cinematagraphy.com community, I need some guidance. Next summer I want to start my freelance career in the film industry. My final goal is to be a cinematographer (duh) in the narrative world. I have been studying something very cinematography unrelated for the last 7 years and do not see myself working in that full time, because doesn't make me happy. Gonna get the degree nonetheless, if I fail in the movie business, I can always go back. But creating has always made be happy. During the last 3 years I have been shooting small music videos on the side and worked as a spark during my holidays (been on my first feature this autumn - it was exhausting but I fell in love with the process) I plan on trying to get more work in the lighting department (for cash), but I am unsure if that's the right way moving forward. Even though lighting has become my passion, I feel AC's have a much more close relationship with cinematographers, which could get me in the right circles? Also, I feel like finding a mentor would beneficial, but as I have mainly worked in the GE department I have no valueable skills to offer a DP on a real narrative set. What steps would you take moving forward? I am willing to put in the work. I know that getting where I want will take years if not decades. I don't know if it makes sense, I am going to link some stills from projects I shot myself that turned out good in my opinion, maybe that is going to be helpful to assess my skills?!
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