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  1. Hello Joshua, We just added Astera AX1 and Titan tubes (Predilux version 2.1) and fixed an error with the Aputure Lightstorm 300D - sorry for that, it was a database error, not our measurement procedure. Other fixtures are coming up, based on user demands; Quasar and Dgital Sputnik are planned. Our data is available in the Predilux app, for the moment only in T-stops/Aperture, but soon we'll also output in lux and foot-candle. Builtin gels is a lot of work to measure! Kind regards, Georges Harnack
  2. Hi, We are two technicians working in the film industry in France (a grip guy and a gaffer) and we just discovered this very interesting forum. We particularly noticed that gaffers and cinematographers were asking questions about light output and what aperture is obtained at a certain distance. It happens that with the help of two IT engineers we developed an iOS app responding to this question about 2 years ago. First and for all, we’re not going to post messages everywhere on this forum to sell our app nor are we going to pollute your threads to gain in visibility. We just think s
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