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  1. I agree with Heikki. I'm thinking those absurdly priced listings by that video house are influencing sellers who are less community oriented or who might be unsure of how to price them.
  2. Anyone looking to part with theirs? Would love to discuss over PM. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, Iā€™m looking to buy an Eclair NPR magazine. Located in LA. Hope everyone is well!
  4. Hi Cale, thank you very much for the response. Yes PL is really nice.. but as I mentioned I was hoping for something I could have my own lenses for on hand... to be able to shoot my own projects. I imagine this would add up. I'm not dying for it to be super and if I think about whether what you mentioned is worth it when the Bolex has a limited take length without a motor.. and an ACL has the bonus of being able to do sync sound if necessary.. well..
  5. Hey Travis.. thanks for the response. I checked Ebay before coming here. That one has a reserve and I'm not sold on it. Hope to hear from others.
  6. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of, or might have an Eclair ACL for sale. I'm looking for a regular 16 camera for my own practice (not DP work)-- and would be open to hearing of other cams people would consider selling that make great owner cameras. I'm aware there are a lot of postings like this that do not pan out, so for what it's worth.. I'm seriously hoping to find something soon so I can shoot a project next month. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Warmly, Matt
  7. Hi there, I'm selling 5 cans of new, unopened 50D for $500 total. You can find it on ebay. Hope it goes to a good home. šŸ™‚
  8. Hey Gregg, thanks for the response. I did do some googling but I guess my searches were too specific. Thanks for your help. Looks like http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=28831 answers my question.
  9. I am looking at a package that is an XTR, but not PROD or Plus. Wondering if anyone can shed light on what the differences are as there is very little online literature on the basic XTR. Curious what upgrades there were in the later models etc. and if it matters that much. Any info would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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