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  1. See photo Let me know if you have one you'd be willing to part with
  2. Hello Uli. I would buy one of these in a heartbeat if you knew how to find another ST.
  3. Tyler, sorry but you are only partly wrong on this one. Kodak does share the building but the new short end business there is called Hollywood Film Shop, run by a guy named Mark, answering the old reel-good number at 323-876-5427 Mark would also like to make the distinction that they have a focus on recans and short ends (when available) rather than new stock... sort of one address, two options
  4. Have confirmed the name of the gentleman at the new shop at 7758 Sunset Blvd: Mark! Super nice guy... has a lot of recans and gets short ends from time to time... call them if you need anything too
  5. Hey Robino this is what I thought, thanks for letting us know. It sounds like now instead of Reel Good we have TWO services to thank! Motion Picture Film Stock AND the new company answering the old Reel Good phone number.. Hope people are reading this and give both some business ❤️
  6. Hi Tyler -- It's been very hard to determine what is going on... there is no info on google maps, and I live in Highland Park and rarely go that direction unless I need to so haven't been able to see the storefront. That's interesting there's a Kodak office, maybe Hollywood Film Shop is just a casual name they are using for old inventory or something? Do you know that Scott is involved with it? Because I spoke to someone different! In any case -- super nice guy and down to help out! Has 35 but says he rarely sees 16mm these days...
  7. Thanks! Loved Reel Good. The new placed is called The Hollywood Film Shop and they still sell short ends but thought I'd ask here as well!
  8. preferably 250D ... but 50d, ektachrome.. fuji.. anything color works PM me! thanks
  9. Hi Tyler, thank you for your response and for sharing this example. 1:85 is my favorite! So basically -- it's totally passable -- but what about technically? Do you not think the IQ is determined more by negative size rather than scan resolution? Like you are just enlarging grains once you reach the resolution limit?
  10. Hi everyone, What is the general consensus on quality loss when cropping 4:3 standard 16 to 1:66 but then scanning in 4k? Compared to shooting super 16? (in that case normally I just do 2k and output 1080 anyway)
  11. I agree with Heikki. I'm thinking those absurdly priced listings by that video house are influencing sellers who are less community oriented or who might be unsure of how to price them.
  12. Anyone looking to part with theirs? Would love to discuss over PM. Thanks.
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