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  1. Hello everybody, I'm new of this forum. I've a question regarding how to create an amber lighting atmosphere during a shooting. I love the darkness scenes, lighted with candles lights. However so doing the scenes result in a irritable reddish dominant. If you want an example, you can simply see one of the several amateur short films that are free posted on youtube. Then, please, give a look at the movie "The boy". There, the candles light is very very nice, soft, wonderfully amber. That is: in professional productions the candle light is always wonderfully amber. Please, can you tell me what kind of candle is used ? Or maybe does it depend from a particular white balance on the camera ? Or what ? Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Hello everybody, I'm new of this community. I've asked an account hoping to learn more about cinematography lighting and shooting techniques. I'm waiting for the validation. I have a question. I love to shoot in darkness conditions, with scenes lighted by candles. I use a 2800K fill lights when necessary. The camera is set to tungsten and I use low ISO values to avoid shadows noise. However, the candle lights like also the fill lights give a reddish chromatism to the scene. This happens to me but I see also in short amateur movies and it is very different by the cinema productions that show gently amber atmospheres everywhere. On the actor face like also in the scene. Can you help me to understand how to do this ? Thanks very much.
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