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  1. Hello everybody, I'm here to better understand what means High Definition. Surely YouTubing you can see several movies in 720p(1080p, etc...). However, some of them appear more defined that others. For example, naturalistic documentaries seems more detailed than a cinema film. I apologize with you for my following sentence: for several films it seems to me that (for some reason, probably for the lenses used, maybe for the use of a smoke machine, probably ... I don't know) they appear "under defined" with respect the HD camera used to shoot them. Please, give a look a
  2. Surely, it will never be possible enhance the definition of the XL2, due to its small chip. I'm agree with you. However, what I'd like to understand is if the use of an anamorphic lens, "optically increasing" the resolution lines, results in an enhanced definition of the shooted scene. Can you confirm this ? Thanks very much
  3. Hello everybody, a brief question. Can an anamorphic lens enhance the video quality of the canon xl2 ? Please, give a look at the following link: What do you think about ? Thanks very much in advance. Regards.
  4. "split screen" ... amazing ! It's right. Thanks very much !
  5. Hello everybody, Can you tell me if there is a simple electrical circuit that allows the flickering of one or more bulbs as seen in horror movies? Where can I buy it? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  6. Hello everybody, surely you know the wonderfull Sandberg's film Light out. Probably the ghost that shows itself in the dark and disappears when light is turned on is a post-production effect. Do you have idea if it's possible realize it in "live shooting" ... using a simple trick ? mmmmhhhhhhhh ... !!! Bye.
  7. " When shooting at 25fps, your shutter speed should be 1/50 of a second. If your camera can shoot at 50 or 60 fps, your shutter speed should be 1/100 or 1/125 of a second. The reason for this 180-degree rule is because it helps us to record video that contains natural movement. ,,,,,, " It's not clear for me. Can you tell me why ? If I shoot at 25fps the minimum shutter speed to have natural movements is 1/25 of a second … or not ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello guys ! Can you suggest possible solution to realize the first 40 seconds of the shot shown at the following link ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WOYI7lVbXQ Regards.
  9. Thanks very much for your great tips. I much apreciate them. Very interesting the fact explained by David: " orange can be skewed towards to red or the yellow " ... " You could also shift a warm shot towards yellow by adding some green " . So doing I've solved my problems. I've tryed to doso and now I can easly obtain amber atmospheres. Thanks very much.
  10. Hello everybody, please can you tell me where buy the steadicam handgrip model like that shown in the picture ? Sincerely, I'm searching for a handgrip made by two parts (like that in the figure), so that I can attach it "around" the sled without umount the whole sled. Thanks very much in advance. Best Regards.
  11. Hello everybody, I'm new of this forum. I've a question regarding how to create an amber lighting atmosphere during a shooting. I love the darkness scenes, lighted with candles lights. However so doing the scenes result in a irritable reddish dominant. If you want an example, you can simply see one of the several amateur short films that are free posted on youtube. Then, please, give a look at the movie "The boy". There, the candles light is very very nice, soft, wonderfully amber. That is: in professional productions the candle light is always wonderfully amber. P
  12. Hello everybody, I'm new of this community. I've asked an account hoping to learn more about cinematography lighting and shooting techniques. I'm waiting for the validation. I have a question. I love to shoot in darkness conditions, with scenes lighted by candles. I use a 2800K fill lights when necessary. The camera is set to tungsten and I use low ISO values to avoid shadows noise. However, the candle lights like also the fill lights give a reddish chromatism to the scene. This happens to me but I see also in short amateur movies and it is very different by the cinema produ
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