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  1. Is there any way to film in 3.2K or 3.4K with the Alexa Plus 4:3? I feel it is a waste of pixels to not utilize all of the Alev sensor.
  2. Oh i see. So same sensor size, but is it the same resolution? I have heard some say that the Alexa classic has a 2.8k sensor, and the Alexa mini has a 3.2k sensor.
  3. Thank you for replying. What do you mean with QC?
  4. I am considering buying an Arri Alexa for my film company. Most of our project is filmed in 16:9 with normal spherical lenses, but I want to have a camera that can handle anamorphic lenses too. So i am wondering if the Arri Alexa plus 4:3 is cropping in when you have it on 16:9 mode and shoot with spherical lenses, and i should therefore go with the Arri Alexa classic ev with the 16:9 sensor?
  5. I really liked the handheld style and color grade you went with on this video. May i ask which Arri Alexa and ef-lenses you did use? and did you use any pro-mist filters in front of the glass? keep on the good work!:)
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