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  1. I`ve had this happen to me before with my LTR. Check you drive belt and make sure all the teeth are there. If your belt is old and worn out, this can be the problem that causes the image to look like that. If you find they are in good shape, then check the tension of the belt. There are two little wheels that can be adjusted to regulate the tension. Your drive belt could be bouncing around, messing with the take-up film not advancing while not engaging with the gears. I worked on a music video where they wanted to create a special effect with the image, so I loosen up the belts on the mags for a couple of shots to create that effect. But be careful because you can destroy the claw pin.
  2. Selling my Aaton xtr prod PL with video sync assist. Package is for 2x 400ft mags and eyepiece extension. Send me an email for more info. flarrondom@gmail.com
  3. Is the set still available? Please email me flarrondom@gmail.com -Felipe
  4. Hey Cale, I usually like to go with the small HD DP6 or DP7. They are cheap monitors yet sharp, and have composite signal input. If you get a composite to BNC adapter you can hook into the green composite on the monitor and get SD video signal. This will also work with some TV logic that have the composite inputs as well. https://storefront.brackemfg.com/storefrontCommerce/itemDetail.do?item-id=9337&order-quantity=1&item-index=0&customer-item=BM50366&order-uom=EA&warehouse-id=1&item-number=BM50366&customLen=&gclid=CjwKCAiAgqDxBRBTEiwA59eENxCkhXEjBIH7qmqITLkMgd34zYdtNHuQe2GsstsAbEYouHjW19J8WxoCd3kQAvD_BwE
  5. Selling my SR3 HS (150fps). The package includes 3 batteries, 2 HS magazines, cases. Camera runs well, magazines have some wear on the outside rubber but you can get a brand new rubber for around $60 a pair. Im located in LA, please email me for additional info flarrondom@gmail.com
  6. Selling my LTR-X s16 camera with b&w videotap, 4x 400ft mags, LOMO 10-100 t2.9, 4x onboard batteries and smart charger, custom d-tap cable, 12ft run/stop cable, 15mm lightweight rods. Send me an email for more details and photos flarrondom@gmail.com I can ship but rather do local pickup in LA area.
  7. Yes! And are very easy to swap on your own.
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