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  1. Hello Bryan, for recorder monitor i like to work with the Atomos Ninja V with SDI module as an onboard on the camera, and output from there to the teradek or any other monitors you are sending signal to- so they get playback as well. This will work with SD signal converted to HD or with a naitve HD tap. Regarding the HD tap, consider whether or not the upgrade will include manual iris or set iris, integrated menu toggle or joystick toggle cable, internally powered or powered through an external cable. These are the main differences I find. Ideally you can get an HD tap conversion with footage counter but I have not seen that out yet.
  2. Check out AZ spectrum in NY. Andrew makes a pretty neat HD video assist for the Aaton at an affordable price. http://www.az-spectrum.com/XTR_HD-SDI_internal_video_tap.pdf
  3. Selling set of super 16 format Zeiss Super Speed MK3 (9.5mm/12mm/16mm/25mm/50mm) with extra 5.5mm and 8mm Optex. Some photos of the set https://photos.app.goo.gl/x5uLbLs79gD85YcW9 Lenses are located in LA, send me an email for more details flarrondom@gmail.com
  4. Some photos of the gear. I also have a set of Zeiss Super Speed MK3 with extra 5.5mm and 8mm Optex that I can include with the kit. https://photos.app.goo.gl/x5uLbLs79gD85YcW9
  5. Camera has the original IVS ARRI color tap*
  6. Selling my Arri SR3 High Speed (150fps) super16 camera. The package comes with two HS 400ft magazines, eyepiece extension, base plate, "pig tail." 1.66 fiber optic groundglass (full aperture+safe.) Flight case. Extra AKS cable included (RS long cable, 3pin XLR power cable.) No batteries included with the package. The camera is clean and in good condition. Send me an email for more details and photos flarrondom@gmail.com Package is located in LA. Local pickup is preferred, but can ship at buyers expense.
  7. Selling my canon 8-64mm t2.4 for s16mm format. Housing, glass and coating are in great condition. Its on bayonet mount, I will include Aaton and PL mount adapters. Both very solid adapters. It comes with a case. Lens is located in LA. Send me an email for more details flarrondom@gmail.com
  8. I`ve had this happen to me before with my LTR. Check you drive belt and make sure all the teeth are there. If your belt is old and worn out, this can be the problem that causes the image to look like that. If you find they are in good shape, then check the tension of the belt. There are two little wheels that can be adjusted to regulate the tension. Your drive belt could be bouncing around, messing with the take-up film not advancing while not engaging with the gears. I worked on a music video where they wanted to create a special effect with the image, so I loosen up the belts on the mags for a couple of shots to create that effect. But be careful because you can destroy the claw pin.
  9. Selling my Aaton xtr prod PL with video sync assist. Package is for 2x 400ft mags and eyepiece extension. Send me an email for more info. flarrondom@gmail.com
  10. Is the set still available? Please email me flarrondom@gmail.com -Felipe
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