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  1. Hi John, An orange stick is a manicure tool used for cleaning fingernails and pushing back cuticles. One end of the stick is generally pointed and somewhat sharp while the other is flat and angled.
  2. Hello, I have also 16BL and had the same scratches on my first test run of the camera. What I learned is that my gate had some tiny residue of the emulsion stuck to it. Take a good magnifying glass or take a closeup picture with your phone and clean the gate with orange stick before every run.
  3. I am using Cinelab. They are great people and fast too. Also located not far from you in New Bedford MA www.cinelab.com
  4. Thank you for all suggestions. This is an old camera being out of commission for a long time. Still learning, but hopefully I will make it usable again.
  5. Simple as that! Thanks! Now back to research how to properly clean the gate... Here is sample movie when lines appear:
  6. Hello Everyone, Just testing Arriflex BL16 camera. Today I received test footage from Cinelab. There are vertical lines which appeared in the middle of 100' daylight spool. I admit I loaded magazine in pretty much dark but not totally dark room. On the same take there was one line and then there are two lines. The lines stayed there for the remainder of the footage. Sometimes as one line sometimes as two. I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me what would be the cause of it.
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