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  1. Hi Is it still Available. Thank you George
  2. But, we are stil in the process of finding a good lab with the scanner, and most of these scanners are not available in India. .
  3. I would keep titles in MOV format in prores 422/ prores444 with Alpha, because * It will retain the transparent areas of title * Better quality than mp4. Thank you George
  4. We are shooting our feature film on 16mm Kodak film (50D, 500T) and the edit is in progress. We did a 2K scan of the negative and we are using this MOV file for the edit. Once the edit is over, we would would want to rescan the portions which actually went into the edit in 4K. During the scan we would love to individually set the amount of data we need to pull from the negative for each scene. We may need some more information from the night scenes (enhance the dark portions), or we may need to decrease the hi lights to see the pattern of clouds .. get the maximum out of the scan like an HDR scan so we can adjust these settings in post. I looked about a lot about scanners, but we are receiving a lot of mixed opinions. 1. Cinetl (Blackmagic): + Has good control over the scanner light intensity and color. - Doesn't scan 16,, in 4K (It interpolates a 2K scan to make it 4K) 2. Scanty (DFT) + Decent - Though no HDR in Color 3. Arriscan : + Looks good for 16mm 4K scan . - But some test results show shades of lines in dark portions when brightened, may be because of change in intensity of flash light of scanner 4. Laser graphics Director 10K: + Looks Good, and best as per may people - In the above test looks like the bit depth is less than arri. 5. filmfabriek HDS+ : + Looks good. Now are confused which scanner is the better one out of these to scan 16mm in 4K. And when we look around most of these scanners are not available in India, so we are a little confused on where we should be doing these scans. Thanks a lot George.
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