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  1. Hanks for the response,It's more of a buzzing.
  2. Hello folks, Just wondering if any one could shed any light on this. I have a arri 250watt ceramic with the correct bulb which is very specific. It worked fine one I put it in but then I handt used it in a while and the unit now give out a very load rattle noise one I hit the on switch. I wondered if anyone new what this could he and how I fix it. I really loved this light and turned out to be a very useful part of my kit. Any help appreciated.
  3. The light has arrived so I am thankful for the info on where and what exact bulb it will need. And yes they are definitely not cheap. I wondered about a tungsten color version it would be great to have the two different color temperature bulbs to get maximum use out of this fitment. Also when you talk about retro fitting with vastly-more-efficient 150W ceramic stuff. Where can the actual bulb fitting be got? And also what is the output of the 150w ceramics to are talking about? I would be interested as I have some old lights that maybe cold be retro fitted and given a new lease of life.
  4. Hello Phil Thanks for the response, Id imagine these are like them German Hedler DF25 lights. But the fan assist in them puts me off. Comparing them to the aputure Cob is a good comparison in alot of ways, but its hard to know the life span of the COB 300d MK 2 and how serviceable they are just yet. There is a rather long waiting time to get one serviced and a very high fee also. With the arri i could service it myself as they are a much more basic. So i just pulled the trigger and got one of these for 250 pounds, I think its a fair price. However i can not seem to find a supplier for the daylight bulb. Just wondered if you had any links or leads to one.
  5. ARRI Studio Ceramic 250 Hi Guys I am interested to hear peoples opinions on this light it sounds like something that would be very handy to have in my kit. It seems to have a built in ballast and the bulbs can be swopped between a tungsten 3300k bulb to a hmi type bulb with a 5500k temperature. They power usage is 250 watts and has a light output the equivalent of a 1k tungsten. They sound to have a lot versatility and they run cooler temp wise. But am i missing something here. Why are these not that popular, fair enough they are an older light fitting buti have never seen one of these on set or in any hire houses? The CRI is 90 is this the reason. I d love to hear opinions on this light the pros and the cons off anyone who has used them. I am considering buying one but dont have any where to hire it from to test one first.
  6. Thanks so much I have been looking all over not many around that will fit.
  7. Firstly thanks so much for your response. I have measured between the ears where the barn door slides in and fits on. I have some pictures as well. The measure ment is 40mm which is 15.748031496 Inches
  8. Hello there folks. My 2.5 strand hmi barn doors have unfortunately have gone missing. This light is a linch pin in my kit and is pretty useless without the barn doors. I just wondered if anyone had any spare ones they are willing to sell. I have searched the internet looking for them and had no luck. Any leads or suggestions of where to look would be deeply appreciated.
  9. Anybody have any links to cheap ish flicker box set up for 240 volt lighting?
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