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  1. Any pointers to a cheap rubber eyecup replacement for my otherwise pristine Arri 2C? 30 USD + 20 USD shipping to Dennmark seems somewhat expensive (eBay) Thanks in advance Raz
  2. Looking for Sachtler Superhydro 35 tripod. Must be in fair/good condition and fully functional. Item must be located in Europe. Must be able to ship. Detailed photos compulsory.
  3. Camera purchased. Original accessories might be of interest. Feel free to contact me.
  4. Looking for late model IIC, P+S technik modification (PL mount) allowed, otherwise unmodified (i.e. no attempt at cosmetic repairs, should be cosmetically in fair/good condition). Must include at least one magazine, motor and a matte box (original), lens not compulsory. Preferably in working order. Item must be located in Europe. Must be able to ship (unless located in Scandinavia or Northern Germany). Detailed photos compulsory.
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