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  1. I found this light in a junk shop. It still works. It came in a pair - the other one is missing the internal reflector. any idea where to find a replacement? also it came with a M38 bulb / 300W /230V. If i wanted to go brighter with the lamb would that be possible? IMG_8522.jp2 IMG_8520.jp2
  2. Toto Vivian


    The small form factor is super intriguing. Im a BMPCC4k user, never been sold on RED's before this. I'm curios to see what the images are like once it rolls out...
  3. Toto Vivian


    What are peoples initial thoughts on the Komodo?
  4. how would you easily power the strips though?
  5. With the influx of small portable LED lights I was wondering if anyone had any hacks using them with paper lanterns? Im not that fussed on long running time, looking for a wireless setup thats easy to carry and play around with.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for mounting stockings & nets to the front of my lens / matte box? Embroidery hoops?
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