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  1. I've been shooting my first ever short film on 16mm, and things have gone pretty well but I just had a speed bump. While unloading one of my mags in my changing bag I accidentally pushed the plastic core out, so now my film has no core but it is still wound tight holding its shape. I attempted to try and fit the core back on but was unsuccessful so I resealed it and put it back in the light tight box it came in out of fear of damaging it or it coming undone. Will a development lab still be able to process my film?
  2. Currently the front element on my Angenieux 12-120 has a few little tiny chips on the front element but other wise in perfect shape. Seeing how the lens was not very expensive I purchased a new one with the proper CP-16A mount and dogleg view finder online. However despite this new being lens being advertised as in great optical shape there seems to be a lot of what looks like to be very feint speckled fungus on one of the middle elements, but the front element is in very good shape. Normally I would just return it and move on but I cannot find another online with the proper mount that isn't extremely over priced or in good shape. So my question is if anyone has experiences with taking these lenses apart how hard would it be to swap and the front elements? Or is this a job that should be left to a proper camera repair shop? And if so how expensive might it be, or is it not even worth attempting. From what I have read in other threads it seems like taking the entire lens apart to clean is very difficult, but perhaps just taking the front element out would not be as challenging? Currently am planning on shooting a short film on 16mm with this lens in mid-late June so it's getting to a point I need to decide if I should roll with the punches of just having a minor chip on the front of the lens or if I should try and fix it before we shoot. I appreciate any input anyone might have.
  3. Okay thanks for the advice, through some testing it seemed that the chips really only show up on the wide side of things when there was a strong source of light pointing right at the lens.
  4. Would you say it’s worth getting a new lens? Do you think they’ll be that noticeable? I think I fixing it would probably be out of the question since it’s such an old lens. More or less just trying to determine if these little dings are gonna make a noticeable difference shooting on 16mm. I was looking online and I couldn’t find much with 16mm specifically on hand but did notice some posts with people using lenses with bigger scratches and it didn’t seem to mess up the image to badly.
  5. Recently I noticed my Angenieux 12-120 Zoom lens that came on my CP-16 has gotten a tiny chip and some tiny scratches in the upper corner of the lens. Currently I don't have any 16mm film to test to see if it will have any effect on the image quality, nor do I have an easy way to mount it to a digital camera. I am wondering if anyone here has experiences with using lenses with similar level of scratches/chips on the lens and if it made a discernible difference in the image. Also the front of the lens rotates as well when focusing, which I am also wondering if it will have an impact. My gut feeling is it probably won't, but until I get some film to test it I would appreciate any input and or experiences people people have.
  6. Here is a image of the lens if that helps. So from what you can recollect does the silver ring just unscrew.
  7. I was just wondering if it possible to remove the Angenieux 12-120 lens off the CP-16A. I had read online that there might be other lenses that work on this camera that also have the Dog Leg view finder. Currently my cameras lens is a little loose, which might just be normal because of the lenses weight. However I have been able to correct thus problem with lens support on 15mm rails. Also I should note that the lens focuses correctly, and seems to be in great condition other wise. But I was wondering since I have seen pictures online of the camera with out the lens so I am wondering how to remove the lens. I have read that the mount is a C-Mount for the CP-16A so I assume it should just twist off. However when I attempt to unscrew the lens it doesn't seem to really budge. Out of fear of damaging the lens or the camera further I have not attempted any other way to remove the lens. Ultimately in the immediate future I don't plan on seeking out any other zoom lenses that might work with the camera. I am more curious if it is possible to tighten the lens further to eliminate some of the play it has currently and to clean the rear lens element. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Okay thanks, this is good to know I will shoot them an email.
  9. I made a post last week about fixing an old CP-16A camera that I purchased on eBay, surplussed from a film school. I was able to diagnose and fix the clutch belt, which had disintegrated previusly. Luckily everything else seemed to be in good shape; now the camera seems to work and run fine. However, it seems sort of loud relative to the cameras I've seen running online. I was able to use an app to measure how loud the camera was and it averaged around 45 Decibels when running next to the camera and around 30 or so around 6 feet away. I don't think this is going to be an issue for most cases, however, I'm worried about it maybe being too loud in small rooms. I was looking into maybe building a Barney for the camera to help, however, I do have some lube that came with the repair kit, so perhaps some of the gears just need to be lubed up to help. Here are the tests I conducted below if anyone wants to give them a listen. More or less, just trying to determine if this about the average self camera noise, or if mine is louder then it should be, and if so what is the best way to fix it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Elliott https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PfX6Yy5FbGZQS8kH75ZFqKBraFWxGJl5/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/13tj5UChzrLrKSr2l-XnlMXpsqDV4aPuo/view?usp=sharing
  10. Okay thanks, that is good to know. I think at this point the only real question I have is if it is possible to swap the lens out.
  11. Recently I purchased a CP-16/A that was surplussed from a film school on ebay. The camera turns on and seems to run alright, however on the box it came in it says "missing take up belt" dated from 2009. After doing some research it seemed like it was possible to perhaps do this repair yourself some what easily? However I could only find tutorials for the CP-16R version, so I don't know for certain if it is the same process. Additionally, I was wondering is it possible to remove the lens on this camera. It came with an Angenieux 12-120 with a iris servo motor attached, and a viewfinder. I haven't been able to determine if the lens is removable or not out of fear of breaking it since it seems pretty stuck on there. Also the view finder frame in the camera, becomes crooked when adjusting the position of the eye piece is this a fixable issue? Lastly is it possible to load 100 foot day light spools into the mag of this camera, or only 400 foot roles? I am really new to the 16mm format, so any other general advice using this camera would be greatly appreciated as well.
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