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  1. We have Arriflex 416 complete package with 4 Mags and lots of accessories for sale. Price : 90.000€ info@bcnlensrental.com
  2. We have a set of 6 Atlas Orion lenses. metric Scale. Nearly new located in Spain Price: 50.000€
  3. We are looking for 1 x single Ultra 16 6mm if you have one for sale contact us please info@bcnlensrental.com
  4. Set of 6 (Set A + Set B) Atlas Orion Anamorphic lenses . They haven’t been used yet Metric Scale Price: 60.000€ located in Spain info@bcnlensrental.com
  5. We have a Canon K-35 set for sale, it has one year since it has been rehoused.. used in 2-3 projects Canon K-35 set with TLS Rehousing (Feet scale) 18mm T2.8 24mm T1.6 35mm T1.4 55mm T1.4 85mm T1.3 Located in Spain Price: 185.000€ info@bcnlensrental.com
  6. Hello Marco Can you send me details and price to info@bcnlensrental.com, please?
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