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  1. Thanks Miguel, I've tried to put the photos in there in a way so that they represent a little story of my journey. In a subtle way. The grain in the Mono Lake ones are probably because of expired film. And at the same time being Porta 400VC. But I love it!
  2. Sorry, I had some DNS forwarding wrong when web address was linked with www. It's needs to update so try this. http://pointandshoot.dk
  3. Hi there, I hope everyone are doing well and keeping busy in their home catching up on things they've postponed for ages. I made a website of photographs from my travels as a cinematographer. I've been meaning to scan them for years but was always to busy. I kept the photos to 35mm film as they simply just look best and don't require much tweaking after scanning. Have a look, best viewed on a computer screen. Click on the pictures to see more. I'll keep updating the site over the coming weeks. Many thanks. http://www.pointandshoot.dk
  4. Leica R's, Nikon's, Canon FD's and Contax lenses were rehoused long before digital cameras and used on 35mm, so I can't see the trouble in this?
  5. Hi Petter, I love the C Series Hawks. As you say classic anamorphic look. Mechanically they can be a little tricky as the front rotates but that doesn't bother me. You can have a look at The Two Faces of January which I shot on the C series Hawks. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Czesc Alex, I have a 7-63mm for sale. It's in Copenhagen. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?167274-Canon-7-63mm-t2-6
  7. Panasonic LT Body incl. control panel & handle Panasonic EVF PL + EF mount Panasonic shoulder mount 2x 256gb cards + card reader Original grip and extension arm + Shape extension arm (great piece of kit!) Wooden camera top & side cheese plate IM2750 Storm Pelicase to fit camera and accessories IDX V-mount plate & A/B plate Camrade wetsuit All original packaging 300hrs on the camera €15.750 or $18.500 (no vat in the EU if valid vat number is provided) I take care of UPS shipping More high res pictures upon request
  8. Looking for one. Cheers Marcel
  9. I often shoot with the 1/8 Schneider Black Frost, same one as David mentioned before. I like it's subtle effect.
  10. Selling this lovely s16mm zoom in PL mount. Bought in october last year and had it serviced at TLS (clean, regrease etc. - can provide invoice). I've not used it so letting it go. Glass is immaculate. Cosmetic condition top notch. Front ring has a very small dent on one side, nothing serious. Mattebox fits nicely if needed. Chroziel zoom dampener installed. €3500 Lens is in the EU.
  11. This is great Adam. You need to get a 40mm Lomo as well! T2.8, but one of my favorite lenses.
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