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  1. Hi Petter, I love the C Series Hawks. As you say classic anamorphic look. Mechanically they can be a little tricky as the front rotates but that doesn't bother me. You can have a look at The Two Faces of January which I shot on the C series Hawks. Cheers, Marcel
  2. Czesc Alex, I have a 7-63mm for sale. It's in Copenhagen. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?167274-Canon-7-63mm-t2-6
  3. Panasonic LT Body incl. control panel & handle Panasonic EVF PL + EF mount Panasonic shoulder mount 2x 256gb cards + card reader Original grip and extension arm + Shape extension arm (great piece of kit!) Wooden camera top & side cheese plate IM2750 Storm Pelicase to fit camera and accessories IDX V-mount plate & A/B plate Camrade wetsuit All original packaging 300hrs on the camera €15.750 or $18.500 (no vat in the EU if valid vat number is provided) I take care of UPS shipping More high res pictures upon request
  4. Looking for one. Cheers Marcel
  5. I often shoot with the 1/8 Schneider Black Frost, same one as David mentioned before. I like it's subtle effect.
  6. Selling this lovely s16mm zoom in PL mount. Bought in october last year and had it serviced at TLS (clean, regrease etc. - can provide invoice). I've not used it so letting it go. Glass is immaculate. Cosmetic condition top notch. Front ring has a very small dent on one side, nothing serious. Mattebox fits nicely if needed. Chroziel zoom dampener installed. €3500 Lens is in the EU.
  7. This is great Adam. You need to get a 40mm Lomo as well! T2.8, but one of my favorite lenses.
  8. Have you considered the Panasonic EVA-1?
  9. I suggest having a couple of skypanels on boom arms. They output plenty light on next to nothing power. You can easily soften them. Dial in exactly the color you'd like. I love them.
  10. Hej Henrik! Jeg håber alt er vel med dig! To be honest, unless your film is very vfx heavy, you will be happy with prores 444. Not having to carry the extra weight of the codex will save you time and space and make your camera more manageable. All the films I've done on the Alexa, have been prores, only the odd commercial here and there are raw. Spend the money elsewhere. Good luck with your film!
  11. Hit me with a fair offer, looking for a good home for this camera.
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