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  1. Marcel Zyskind


    Dear David, Sounds amazing. If you need someone to test your prototype at one point please get in touch! I know several people here in Denmark, including myself, who'd like a camera like that. All the best, Marcel
  2. Find a Leonetti lens set in BNCR and you'll be rocking and rolling!
  3. Hey guys, I made a music video in the summer with talented ballet dancer Maria Kochetkova and choreographer Sebastian Kloborg to the music of Kronos Quartet's Knock. Dance sequence shot on academy 35mm on my old Konvas 2M with a 18mm Lomo with a crack at the back of the lens. I had 90m of Vision 250D. So one take only. No viewfinder, no monitor, just point and shoot. We did rehearse beforehand. I hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/453770137
  4. Well I guess the 2014-15 prices are not happening anymore? They cost €3500 then here.
  5. Hi there, Looking for an Aaton A-minima package at a reasonable price. Many thanks, Marcel
  6. For some reason I believe this photo is from Broken Arrow. I seem to recall it from an AC magazine, but I could be wrong.
  7. I’ll be happy to take the two 16mm Fuji F125 rolls of you.
  8. Woaw. Agfa and Orwo stock. Where and how was this stored? Where are you shipping from?
  9. Dear friends, During our time at home the last 5 months, I've come to realise that I was missing something in my day to day work. And that was film (as in the look) and the work ethic involved in shooting that particular medium. Actual celluloid. I've been scanning my old negs and slides for months at night and told my self that if I get another film I will push for film no matter what. Chance be it that the next film would be a small period piece set in the 1880's albeit with an ultra low budget (for the ambitions) of $1.5m. And we want a painterly rugged canvas to display the film on. I was pushing the producers hard to make it work on 2 perf 35mm and got quotes from here and there and shot tests etc, but ended on s16mm. This was our plan b anyway and 35mm was just too expensive for us. We are doing a 2K scan once progress with log dpx files and dailies graded for editorial. The 1.85 format actually suits me better as it's not as claustrophobic as 2.39 and definitely the size of cameras and lenses lend themselves better to these small old 1800's farm locations and having to run around with kids. And as we are working with kids so we factor in 16:1 shooting ratio which for our 25 day shoot equals to 6 rolls of 16mm a day. Give or take. Now the tricky part. Several people on the film had to sacrifice their economic gain to make it work. This is an utmost privilige to be able to do this (in these economic different times) but personally I see it as a thing worth doing for this particular film. I'm lucky that I once in a while get sponsored by big brands when promoting their stuff (I shoot commercials). There are savings on DIT and some camera package etc, but we still need to ship stock to London and leave space for unforeseen things. Like more film stock. We just had a pre shoot day last week and we are over the moon about the look of 16mm. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I shot a feature on celluloid. I was nervous for days waiting for the results from the lab. One thing is to shoot some film for your own project alone, but having a full crew with sfx and vfx and having convinced everybody that film is the right way it certainly brought up tensions in my body that I've not experienced since digital has taken over. This will quiet down once we get going full speed. Kodak take my money. Literally.
  10. Thank you Heikki. I was speaking to Artturi already and he is sending me the lenses to test. I was hoping to perhaps find the newer Optika Elites as well.
  11. Hi there, Anyone out there with above lenses? Preferably in the EU, but anything goes. Thanks, Marcel
  12. Curious if there are any for sale?
  13. Thanks Miguel, I've tried to put the photos in there in a way so that they represent a little story of my journey. In a subtle way. The grain in the Mono Lake ones are probably because of expired film. And at the same time being Porta 400VC. But I love it!
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