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  1. Just curious. How come just the vf? Is the 235 vf compatible?
  2. Edwin Schouten in Holland should be able to help you out https://www.etkon.com/aaton
  3. New price $5500 + shipping. Great price for a brand new never used Zeiss Ultra16.
  4. Not trying to throw a spanner in the works, but from what I understand Cinelab in London does not develop Fuji stock any more... Which sucks as I have 15x rolls of s16mm 250D in my fridge!
  5. Bump. $6000 plus shipping. Brand new in box, never used.
  6. Hi Attila, Thanks but I'm selling my 14mm and not looking for another one. Cheers, Marcel
  7. If you get a fridge then you can also store other (newer) film stock ready to use and a bottle of fizz. If you get a freezer, you can always keep more Ben & Jerry's. It's all good. Just do it.
  8. Can you share how the opening shot was done on the film above? A gimbal or steadicam?
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