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  1. Anyone have any suggestions regarding a reasonable 2nd hand light meter to use with the Arri SB 16mm camera? Anything I should be aware of? Not experienced with 16mm yet. Intend to shoot a short film soon and need a decent light meter. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I'm trying to get my Arri 16mm camera to work. I bought new batteries (at a cost of £130) for the battery pack that came with camera and recently soldered them with the wiring but I still can't get the camera to run. Any suggestions? What should be my next steps? I was thinking of maybe taking it to an electrical repairs to see if the battery pack is working and the wiring is ok (and that my soldering isn't an issue), but I'm not sure. The battery pack doesn't inspire confidence somehow. Also, any ideas what socket goes into the 12Volt addition on m
  3. Thanks Dom. When you're talking about the power cable, there is one with the italian charger (to which i've attached a UK adapter), and a fixed cable from the charger that can be attached to the battery packs. There are then two cables that I can use to attach the battery packs to the camera. There is no power cable that can be attached to the camera and directly to a power source. Should there be one?
  4. Hi Group, I've just joined. I recently bought an Arri S 16mm on ebay. The camera has come from Italy and used to belong to RAI in Rome (Italian Public Broadcasting), which may explain some of the quirks; I live in the UK by the way. My intention is to use it to make a short 16mm film later in the year. Before that though, I need to get it working and to run a test film through it. Hopefully you'll be able to help me. I have included photos of all the issues raised below. I've attached all relevant photos. The camera came with two battery packs that don't work - the elements need chan
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