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  1. The bit about the sigma glass is interesting to me. A friend of mine shoots a lot of still film and says he thinks that the 50mm sigma art he owns looks better on film, and his vintage lenses look best on digital. Which makes sense because the modern sharper glass helps being more out of the softer film medium and vice versa. I’ll have to tell him about this!
  2. Hey everyone! I’m an aspiring cinematographer who LOVES working with saturated neon type colors think Benoit debie in Spring Breakers, Cronenweth’s work on Bladerunner, etc. Currently I have an led daylight kit (1x aputure 300d, 2x 120dii), and some tungsten fresnels from mole Richardson and arri (a 2k, three 1k’s, a 650, 350, and 150). I own a lot of random party and corrective gels for them, and don’t have any experience working with rgb fixtures like tubes or panels yet. I often find myself doubling or tripling up gels to get the colors as intense as I want, and have had problems
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