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  1. Bump —— Prices lowered to $1400 each / $2500 as a set!
  2. All images here: https://imgur.com/a/Pqnv1P2 Zeiss 12mm T1.3 Super Speed Mk1: $1500 OBO Mechanically excellent; aperture has no oil on blades, focus turns smooth and even. Has a hard PL mount conversion, as well as a 0.8 pitch follow focus gear installed. An 80mm front ring is also installed. Optically, the lens is perfectly clear. No haze, fungus, etc. It does have a few coating marks (shown in the photos below) around the edge of the second element. I am sure they could be removed if the lens were serviced. These marks have no discernible effect on the image but I have lo
  3. Bump. Price lowered to $1000 + shipping & fees.
  4. Mint 9/10 condition Optar Illumina 9.5 T1.3. Bought it for a project that never came to fruition. This is a great lens, very similar in image quality to a Zeiss Super Speed (I tested this along side my Zeiss 12mm T1.3). The lens is absolutely mint, no marks on the glass at all, buttery focus/aperture, and factory caps. Cosmetically, there are only three tiny (less than 1mm) bright marks on the focus gear ring. The aperture gear ring is blemish free. PM me for more info, images, etc. I'm fairly new to the forum but can provide feedback from the fred miranda forum, ebay, etc. An
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