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Bargain Zeiss s16 Super Speed & Zeiss 10-100 T2 Zoom

Will Kortum

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All images here: https://imgur.com/a/Pqnv1P2

Zeiss 12mm T1.3 Super Speed Mk1:

$1500 OBO

Mechanically excellent; aperture has no oil on blades, focus turns smooth and even. Has a hard PL mount conversion, as well as a 0.8 pitch follow focus gear installed. An 80mm front ring is also installed.

Optically, the lens is perfectly clear. No haze, fungus, etc. It does have a few coating marks (shown in the photos below) around the edge of the second element. I am sure they could be removed if the lens were serviced. These marks have no discernible effect on the image but I have lowered the price accordingly to reflect the imperfections. 

Zeiss 10-100 T2 (standard 16mm):

$1500 OBO

Mechanically excellent. Aperture has no oil, focus and aperture are smooth and even. A really beautiful lens which matches the IQ and look of the s16 Super Speeds. Can focus up to the front element in macro mode. Incredibly sharp but retains the great vintage zeiss character and is par focal. Is a native Arri B mount, but I will include a B-PL adapter with the sale. The lens is geared with a 0.8 pitch on the focus and zoom.

The lens covers 16mm only from 10-25 and then from 25-100 covers the entire S16 image circle!

Optically, the lens is excellent, with no haze or fungus. The only exception is the front element which has numerous light coating scratches. These don't affect image quality unless you are shooting at > T8 into direct sunlight at a wide angle. And even then, they aren't very noticeable and the effect is not displeasing. I have tried to photograph these scratches as best as I could.

Have priced the lens according to it's faults; haven't seen one of these sell below $2k in a while.


Will do a package deal for both lenses— Thanks for looking!







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